1st Edition

Mental Retardation The Developmental-difference Controversy

Edited By E. Zigler, D. Balla Copyright 1982

    Published in 1983, Mental Retardation is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

    I: The Developmental Approach; 1: Introduction: The Developmental Approach to Mental Retardation; 2: Motivational and Personality Factors in the Performance of the Retarded *; 3: Learned Helplessness and the Retarded Child; 4: Impact of Institutional Experience on the Behavior and Development of Retarded Persons *; II: Ii The Difference Positions; 5: Rigidity—A Resilient Concept *; 6: Psychological Studies of Mental Deficiency in the Soviet Union *; 7: The Developmental-Difference Controversy in Verbal Mediation of Behavior; 8: Research Perspectives in Mental Retardation; III: Iii The Developmental-Difference Controversy; 9: The Rationale and Irrational in Zigler's Motivational Approach to Mental Retardation *; 10: Developmental Versus Difference Theories of Mental Retardation and the Problem of Motivation *; 11: A Behavioral Research Strategy in Mental Retardation: Defense and Critique *; 12: Mental Retardation *; 13: Ma, Iq, and the Developmental Difference Controversy *; 14: Piagetian Evidence and the Developmental-Difference Controversy *; 15: Possible Contributions of the Study of Organically Retarded Persons to Developmental Theory


    E. Zigler, D. Balla