1st Edition

Mentalizing in Child Therapy Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

    Mentalization-based child therapy, previously known as developmental therapy, is the latest branch on the psychoanalytic tree of knowledge. It comprises a number of techniques that address deficiencies in specific areas of psychological development. It aims to treat children whose development has come to a standstill. A combination of data from psychoanalysis, infant research, attachment research, and neurobiology was of decisive significance in reaching this point. It is becoming clear that neurobiological processes can be understood very well on the basis of psychoanalytic frameworks. These new insights into peoples mental functioning also serve to foster collaboration, resulting in an integration of the more relationship-oriented and the more competence oriented treatments. This book aims to fill a growing need in mental health care for children and young people to recieve an integrated treatment.

    Series Foreword , Foreword , Introduction , Theoretical concepts , Assessment of mentalizing problems in children , Treatment strategy , Helping parents to promote mentalization , Observation method , Intervention techniques: attention regulation , Intervention techniques: affect regulation , Intervention techniques: mentalization , Treatment in practice , Research strategy , Intervention techniques , Glossary


    MGJ Schmeets