2nd Edition

Mentalizing in Child Therapy Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

    234 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    234 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Mentalizing in Child Therapy focuses on open-ended psychotherapy for children with complex mental health issues and attachment problems. It offers examples of personalized and integrated treatment that is "firm in structure yet flexible in its focus" (Peter Fonagy, foreword to first edition).

    The book is based on the systematic observation of the treatment of complex problems in children (4-12 years) using a mentalizing therapeutic stance and a range of techniques to enhance mentalizing abilities and trust in other people, incorporating aspects of the more relationship-oriented and competence-oriented treatments. In this updated edition, the authors have elaborated on the topic of attention regulation, having included Siegel’s concept of the ‘window of tolerance’. They’ve also written more on the mentalizing abilities of the therapist, the importance of providing structure at the beginning of the treatment, and the value of communication for developing epistemic trust.

    Featuring guidelines for clinical practitioners, this book is important for the clinical training of child psychotherapists, as well as for professional child psychiatrists, child psychologists and other therapists working with four to 12-year-old children experiencing significant developmental problems with mentalizing.

    1. Introduction to the second edition
    2. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter & Jolien Zevalkink

    3. Theoretical concepts
    4. Jolien Zevalkink

    5. Assessment of mentalizing problems in children
    6. Jolien Zevalkink

    7. Treatment strategy
    8. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    9. Helping parents to promote mentalizing
    10. Marja J. Rexwinkel & Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    11. Observation method
    12. Jolien Zevalkink

    13. Intervention techniques: Attention regulation
    14. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    15. Intervention techniques: Affect regulation
    16. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    17. Intervention techniques: Mentalization
    18. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    19. Overview of the treatment
    20. Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter

    21. Research strategy

    Jolien Zevalkink


    Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist of adults and children. Her thirty years of experience also include working with adolescents and parents. She is a supervisor and trainer in psychotherapy training programs.

    Jolien Zevalkink is a developmental psychologist and social anthropologist. She conducts research in developmental psychopathology, with emphasis on attachment disorganization, mentalizing problems and the effect of interventions. She is particularly interested in bridging the gap between scientific research and clinical practice.