1st Edition

Merchants and Migrations Germans and Americans in Connection, 1776–1835

By Sam Mustafa Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. Looking at German-American relations between 1776 and 1835, this study argues that it was day-to-day commercial contacts, rather than official diplomatic ties that forged the way in establishing good relations between the two countries. Although concerned with trade, this work is not strictly one of economic history, but instead looks at how wider economic trends impacted upon the socio-cultural and political connections.

    Contents: General editor’s preface; Introduction; Germans and Americans; Commerce in the late age of reason; Merchant culture in Germany and the United States; Consuls, trade and the emergence of modern diplomacy; Doing business: the invisible diplomacy of merchants, 1776-1800; Ideology and high hopes: US-German diplomacy, 1776-1800; Napoleon and the war on commerce: 1800-1815; Issues of free trade and recovery: 1815-1835; Conclusions; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.


    Sam Mustafa

    '... a well-researched and thoroughly recommended account...' Business History