Metabolic & Therapeutic Aspects of Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition  book cover
2nd Edition

Metabolic & Therapeutic Aspects of Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition

Edited By

Luc A. Cynober

ISBN 9780849313820
Published November 13, 2003 by CRC Press
776 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The first edition of this innovative book brought a new perspective to the metabolic and therapeutic aspects of amino acids in clinical nutrition. Since its publication, a number of very important advances have been made in the field and interesting new findings have emerged. Until now, no reference has fully explored the promising new developments and applications in this key area of clinical nutrition.

Completely revised and updated, Metabolic and Therapeutic Aspects of Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition, Second Edition presents current information and discussions on amino acid metabolism in various health and nutritional states. Chapters cover amino acid uptake routes, physiology, requirements, metabolism, and applications. Written by an international group of experts, the text re-evaluates data and hypotheses in light of the most recent discoveries in genomics and proteomics research.

Building on the solid foundation of the original reference, the second edition refines much of the previous information and features the fresh insight and ideas of new authors. These timely additions on the role of amino acids in the future of human health and disease ensure that this book will continue to be a standard resource for researchers in this field.

Table of Contents

Introduction, J.M. Kinney

Measurement of amino acid concentrations in biological fluids and tissues using ion exchange chromatography, N. Neveux, P. David, and L. Cynober
Measurement of amino acid concentrations in biological fluids and tissues using reversed-phase HPLC-based methods, B. Alteheld, P. Stehle, and P. Fürst
Approaches to studying amino acid metabolism: from quantitative assays to flux assessment using stable isotopes, D. Darmaun and L. Cynober
Cellular uptake of amino acids: systems and regulation, V. Ganapathy, K. Inoue, P. D. Prasad, and E. Ganapathy

Section A: Metabolism
Amino acid metabolism and gluconeogenesis, X. Leverve
Contribution of amino acids to ketogenesis, M. Holecek
Ureagenesis and ammoniagenesis: an update, A.J. Meijer
Metabolism of branched-chain amino acids, A.J.M. Wagenmakers
The glutamate crossway, Y. Wakabayashi
Arginine metabolism in mammals, G. Wu and S.M. Morris Jr.
Glutamine metabolism, R. Oehler and E. Roth
Section B: Control of and by amino acids
Insulin and the regulation of amino acid catabolism and protein turnover, J.P. De Bandt
Control of amino acid metabolism by counter-regulatory hormones, J. Wernerman
Nitric oxide, E.J. Mahoney and J.E. Albina
Control of amino acid metabolism by lipid, ketone bodies and glucose substrates, Y. Boirie, S. Walrand and B. Beaufrère
Amino acid signaling and the control of protein metabolism, A.J. Meijer and P. F. Dubbelhuis
The role of amino acids in the control of proteolysis, S. vom Dahl and D. Häussinger
Anabolic effects and signaling pathways triggered by amino acids in the liver, L. Hue and L. Bertrand
Amino acids and immune function, P. Calder and P. Yaqoob
Amino acid mediated insulin secretion, W.J. Malaisse

Part III: Amino Acid Metabolism in Disease
Cancer-associated cachexia: altered metabolism of protein and amino acids, M. Mackenzie and V.E. Baracos
Diabetes Mellitus, K. Dhatariya and K.S. Nair
Acidosis and Amino acid metabolism, T. Welbourne and I. Nissim
Muscle protein and amino acid metabolism with respect to age-related sarcopenia, S. Walrand and Y. Boirie
Gastrointestinal diseases, P.B. Soeters, K.W. Hussewe, N.E.P. Deutz, Y. Luiking, and C.H.C. Dejong
Amino acids and ammonia in liver disease, C.H.C. Dejong, S.W.M. Olde Damink, R. Jalan, N.E.P. Deutz, and P.B. Soeters

Part IV: Amino acid requirements
Nutritional essentiality of amino acids and amino acid requirements in healthy adults, V.R . Young and J.F. Tharakan
Neonatal requirements for amino acids, D.K. Rassin
Amino acids requirements in the elderly, P. Patureau-Mirand, L. Mosoni, and D. Rémond
Amino acid requirements in sport, M. Gleeson and A.E. Jeukendrup

Section A: Quantitative and qualitative aspects
Quantitative and qualitative amino acid intake by the parenteral route, G. Iapichino, D. Radrizzani and L.A. Cynober
Quantitative and qualitative aspects of nitrogen supply in enteral nutrition in relation to free amino acids and peptides, G.K. Grimble
Branched-chain amino and keto acids in renal failure, N. Cano
Glutamine supplemented diets in enteral nutrition, P.G. Boelens and P. van Leeuwen
The use of arginine in clinical practice, N.N. Abumrad and A. Barbul
Glutamine and glutamine-containing dipeptides, P. Fürst and P. Stehle
Ornithine a-ketoglutarate, L.A. Cynober

Section B: Formulas devoted to specific situations
Amino acid support in patients with catabolic illness, N.M. Daignault, D.P. Griffith, T.V. Nattakom, and T.R. Ziegler
Sulfur containing amino acid and glutathione in diseases, C. Obled, I. Papet, and D. Breuillé
Amino acid requirement in cancer, M. Muscaritoli, F.R. Fanelli, M.M. Meguid, and A.C.L. Campos
Amino acid solutions for acute renal failure, C.J. Foulks
Amino acids to support gut function and morphology, G.S. Sacks and K.A. Kudsk

Section C: Nutraceutics
L-Arginine-enriched diets in cardiovascular diseases, M. Collin and H. Vapaatalo
Taurine homeostasis and its importance for physiological functions, S.H. Hansen

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"…explains excellently the metabolism of amino acids and discusses if for different health and nutritional conditions. This book will be found very useful for persons carrying out research in this field."
- Carbohydrate Polymers 64, (2006) 138-143

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