1st Edition

Metacognition and Cognitive Neuropsychology Monitoring and Control Processes

Edited By Giuliana Mazzoni, Thomas O. Nelson Copyright 1999
    224 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    222 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Control processes are those mental functions that allow us to initiate, monitor, and prioritize mental activities. They are crucial to normal mental functioning. A better understanding of the nature of control processes and their deficits is important for clinical work and for an adequate theory of consciousness.

    Previously, control processes have been examined within the frameworks of two parallel but independent paradigms: those of cognitive psychology and of neuropsychology. Cognitive psychologists have stressed the theoretical and empirical nature of normal unimpaired control processes; neuropsychologists have focused on the relationships between damage to specific functional areas of the brain and deficits in specific control processes. Both have contributed extensively to our understanding of control processes. However, they have tended to operate independently, with little if any cross-talk between disciplines, despite the potential benefits such dialogue is likely to generate.

    This book represents the first attempt to synthesize cognitive and neuropsychological perspectives on control processes. It contains state-of-the-art reports on various aspects of control processes by experts from both disciplines.

    Contents: Preface. W. Schneider, The Development of Procedural Metamemory in Childhood and Adolescence. L.K. Hall, H.P. Bahrick, The Validity of Metacognitive Predictions of Widespread Learning and Long-Term Retention. C. Umiltà, F. Stablum, Control Processes Explored by the Study of Closed-Head-Injury Patients. S. Darling, S. Della Sala, C. Gray, C. Trivelli, Putative Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex: Historical Perspectives and New Horizons. A. Koriat, M. Goldsmith, The Role of Metacognitive Processes in the Regulation of Memory Performance. D.L. Schacter, Illusory Memories: A Cognitive Neuroscience Analysis. C. Cornoldi, The Impact of Metacognitive Reflection on Cognitive Control. T.O. Nelson, A. Graf, J. Dunlosky, A. Marlatt, D. Walker, K. Luce, Effect of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on Recall and on Judgments of Learning During the Acquisition of New Information. J. Metcalfe, Insight and Metacognition.


    Mazzoni, Giuliana; Nelson, Thomas O.

    "In sum, Mazzoni and Nelson are to be commended for producing a first-rate volume on neuropsychology and metamemory, the first of its type. Those with interests in metacognition, executive functioning, or control and monitoring functions will find this indispensable. The book is...well conceived."
    Applied Cognitive Psychology

    "...offers a useful analysis of contemporary issues in metacognition."
    American Journal of Psychology