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    by Auerbach Publications

    176 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

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    "In what is certain to be a seminal work on metadata, John Horodyski masterfully affirms the value of metadata while providing practical examples of its role in our personal and professional lives. He does more than tell us that metadata matters—he vividly illustrates why it matters." —Patricia C. Franks, PhD, CA, CRM, IGP, CIGO, FAI, President, NAGARA, Professor Emerita, San José State University, USA

    If data is the language upon which our modern society will be built, then metadata will be its grammar, the construction of its meaning, the building for its content, and the ability to understand what data can be for us all. We are just starting to bring change into the management of the data that connects our experiences.

    Metadata Matters explains how metadata is the foundation of digital strategy. If digital assets are to be discovered, they want to be found. The path to good metadata design begins with the realization that digital assets need to be identified, organized, and made available for discovery. This book explains how metadata will help ensure that an organization is building the right system for the right users at the right time. Metadata matters and is the best chance for a return on investment on digital assets and is also a line of defense against lost opportunities. It matters to the digital experience of users. It helps organizations ensure that users can identify, discover, and experience their brands in the ways organizations intend. It is a necessary defense, which this book shows how to build.

    1 In Praise of Metadata: Lost and Found
    2 Metadata: Some Assembly Required
    3 Taxonomical Tenets
    4 Definitions
    5 Adjectivity: Language, Meaning, and Optimization for Content Curation and Discovery
    6 Metadata Is a Human Endeavor
    7 Governance
    8 Metadata and Workflow
    9 What Do Good Metadata, UX, and Search Look Like?
    10 Please Feed the Robots Good Data
    11 Building a Metadata Strategy
    12 Metadata Maturity
    13 Metadata Is a Love Note to the Future . . .
    Appendix: Metadata Manifesto


    John Horodyski, MLIS, MAS, is a digital sleuth, author, pundit, librarian, archivist, strategist, and management consultant who loves many grand things. These include a great cup of coffee, the splendor of long breakfasts, the grandeur of long dinners, the luscious libations of champagne, a Negroni in summer, a Manhattan in winter, and vodka sodas with lime anytime (but not necessarily in that order), the subtle sublime sounds of minimalist piano and chillout, the principled positive power of metadata, the never-ending necessary life skill and joy of reading books, the physical and spiritual benefits of hiking in the mountains, and the beauty that can only be found anywhere in the Mediterranean, the island of Naxos, the Spanish Riviera, the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, the Big Island of Hawaii and Hapuna Beach, and the warm desert sun and midcentury extravagance of Palm Springs for good living for my future home.

    John is a Managing Director with Salt Flats, with executive management strategy experience in information management, including digital asset management (DAM), metadata and taxonomy design, content strategy, analytics, governance, MarTech, and marketing operations. John is one of the world’s leading experts on metadata and DAM and has provided strategic direction and consulting for a variety of Fortune 10, 50, 100, and 500 clients from Consumer Packaging Goods and Retail, to Media & Entertainment, the Pharmaceutical industry, and Insurance. John is also an Adjunct Faculty member at San José State University, where he teaches a graduate course in DAM. In addition to regular training and public speaking on digital media and metadata, John is a board member/metadata editor of the Journal of Digital Media Management and a monthly DAM contributor to CMS Wire.

    John lives in Vancouver, Canada, for now.

    Digital technology has become our externalized nervous system. Our mental activities are closely linked to the quality and organization of the data we produce and consult on a daily basis. For our work to be effective and well-coordinated, it is necessary that our metadata system be fit for purpose and regularly updated. John Horodyski's book Metadata Matters is an impassioned plea for intelligent metadata management. It is a must read for Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers and anyone concerned with sound knowledge management.—Pierre Lévy, PhD, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, CEO of INTLEKT Metadata Inc.

    Metadata guru John manages to pull off the difficult task of writing a book that’s not only much needed and useful but also highly engaging. In lucid prose, using rich examples from our personal and professional lives, John makes a strong case for metadata and its central role for your digital strategy. You’ll learn how metadata can increase the return on investment of marketing and content systems. There’s practical guidance, best practices and more to put all this knowledge into practice as well. A must read for marketing, content, and digital professionals.—Kashyap Kompella, CEO, RPA2AI Research

    Metadata is about making information accessible, and John Horodyski has made the subject of metadata accessible to all in this very readable book that not only teaches principles of metadata but also increases our awareness and appreciation of metadata. Drawing on his rich experience as consultant, Horodyski thoroughly addresses metadata in all fields and industries. This book is not limited to those who plan to manage their metadata but is for anyone who wonders whether they need to or whether they should even care.—Heather Hedden, Author, The Accidental Taxonomist

    From helping us make our everyday choices to making our machines smart, metadata powers our world. John's book is a love song sung to the stuff that's about stuff, full of stories that will entertain you and examples that will help you understand, craft, and choose metadata that indeed matters.—Louis Rosenfeld, co-author of Information Architecture and publisher and founder, Rosenfeld Media

    In what is certain to be a seminal work on metadata, John Horodyski masterfully affirms the value of metadata while providing practical examples of its role in our personal and professional lives. He does more than tell us that metadata matters—he vividly illustrates why it matters. As a Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Metadata Expert, Horodyski is uniquely aware that metadata itself is an asset that is needed to provide context so that other information can be located, retrieved, managed, and interpreted. He distinguishes among different types of metadata—descriptive, administrative, and structural—and discusses the usefulness of metadata standards to provide consistency which can facilitate findability, migration, and interoperability, as well as result in cost savings. Whether new to the concept of metadata or veteran metadata specialists, by the end of the book, all readers will be metadata champions!Patricia C. Franks, PhD, CA, CRM, IGP, CIGO, FAI, President, NAGARA, Professor Emerita, San José State University, USA

    Finally, an easy-to-read handbook that explores how metadata can inspire us to unlock the potential of the information we create. In Metadata Matters, John Horodyski delivers practical, real-world examples of how putting metadata to work can help us develop differentiating capabilities that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to enjoy. Do yourself a favor. Get this book and devour every chapter. You'll discover how effectively using metadata can dramatically advance the role of content across your enterprise.—Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler