1st Edition

Metal-Air Batteries Principles, Progress, and Perspectives

Edited By Ram K. Gupta Copyright 2023
    392 Pages 124 Color & 16 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    392 Pages 124 Color & 16 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Metal-Air Batteries: Principles, Progress, and Perspectives covers the entire spectrum of metal-air batteries, their working principles, recent advancement, and future perspectives. Leading international researchers address materials design, electrochemistry, and architectural aspects. The fundamentals of metal-air materials for cathode and anode, their synthetic approaches, chemistries to modify their properties to provide high energy and power densities, along with long life and stable electrochemical characteristics are detailed.

    Key Features:

    • Covers materials, chemistry, and technologies for metal-air batteries
    • Reviews state-of-the-art progress and challenges in metal-air batteries
    • Provides fundamentals of the electrochemical behavior of various metal-air batteries
    • Offers insight into tuning the properties of materials to make them suitable for metal-air batteries
    • Provides new direction and a better understanding to scientists, researchers, and students working in diverse fields

    This is a unique offering and a valuable resource for a wide range of readers including those in academia and industries worldwide.

    Chapter 01 Metal-Air Batteries: An Introduction

    Felipe M. de Souza, Anuj Kumar, Ram K. Gupta

    Chapter 02 Materials and Electrochemistry of Metal-Air Battery

    Anubha Tomar, Sakshee Chandel, Alok Kumar Rai

    Chapter 03 Electrochemical Fundamentals and Issues of Metal-Air Batteries

    Shasha Lia, Enze Lib, Xiaowei And, Guoqing Guanc

    Chapter 04 Mathematical Modeling for Enhanced Electrochemical Properties

    Yuhui Tian, Shanqing Zhang, Yun Wang

    Chapter 05 Materials and Technologies of Mg-Air Primary Batteries

    Xingrui Chen, Qichi Le, Jeffrey Venezuela, Andrej Atrens

    Chapter 06 Materials and Technologies of Al-Air Batteries

    Weng Cheong Tan, Lip Huat Saw, Ming Chian Yew, Ming Kun Yew

    Chapter 07 Materials and Technologies of Other Metal-air Batteries

    Dhavalkumar N. Joshi, Vinod Kumar

    Chapter 08 Novel Architectural Designs for Improved Performance

    José Béjar, Minerva Guerra-Balcázar, Lorena Álvarez-Contreras, Noé Arjona

    Chapter 09 Phase-Engineered Materials as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Metal-air Batteries

    Mengyang Dong, Huajie Yin, Porun Liu, Huijun Zhao

    Chapter 10 Noble Metal-based Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Jun Mei

    Chapter 11 1D Materials as Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Merve Gençtürk, Emre Biçer

    Chapter 12 2D Materials as Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Eren Kursun, Abdullah Uysal, Solen Kinayyigit

    Chapter 13 3D Materials as Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Demet Ozer

    Chapter 14 Carbon-based Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Zongge Li, Guoxin Zhang

    Chapter 15 Metal Oxide-Based Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Batteries

    Bhugendra Chutia, Chiranjita Goswami, Pankaj Bharali

    Chapter 16 Enhanced Performance of Lithium-Air Batteries by Improved Cathode Materials

    B. Jeevanantham, M. K. Shobana

    Chapter 17 Aqueous Electrolytes

    Rijith S, Sarika S, Akhila M, Sumi V S

    Chapter 18 Non-aqueous Electrolytes in Metal-Air Batteries

    Pravin N. Didwal, An-Giang Nguyen, Satyanarayana Maddukuri, Rakesh Verma

    Chapter 19 Ionic Electrolytes

    Vandana, Fabeena Jahan, Anjali Paravannoor, Baiju Kizhakkekilikoodayil Vijayan

    Chapter 20 Hybrid-Electrolyte Metal-Air Batteries

    Yifei Wang, Xinhai Xu, Mingming Zhang, Meng Ni, Dennis Y.C. Leung

    Chapter 21 Polymer Electrolytes

    Changlin Liu, Shasha Li, Abuliti Abudula, Guoqing Guan

    Chapter 22 Hydrogel Electrolytes

    Siyuan Zhao, Tong Liu, Meng Ni

    Chapter 23 Wearable Metal-Air Batteries

    Arpana Agrawal, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain

    Chapter 24 Flexible Metal-Air Batteries

    Runwei Mo

    Chapter 25 Challenges in Metal-Air Batteries

    Alexander Kube, Dennis Kopljar


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