3rd Edition

Metalworking Fluids

Edited By Jerry P. Byers Copyright 2018
    529 Pages 5 Color & 256 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    529 Pages 5 Color & 256 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This revised and expanded Third Edition contains 21 chapters summarizing the latest thinking on various technologies relating to metalworking fluid development, laboratory evaluation, metallurgy, industrial application, fluid maintenance, recycling, waste treatment, health, government regulations, and cost/benefit analysis. All chapters of this uniquely comprehensive reference have been thoroughly updated, and two new chapters on rolling of metal flat sheets and nanoparticle lubricants in metalworking have been added. This must-have book for anyone in the field of metalworking includes new information on chemistries of the most common types of metalworking fluids, advances in recycling of metalworking fluids, and the latest government regulations, including EPA standards, the Globally Harmonized System being implemented for safety data sheets, and REACH legislation in Europe.

    Full Contents

    1. Introduction: Tracing the Historical Development of Metalworking Fluids – Jeanie S. McCoy
    2. Metallurgy for the Non-metallurgist with an Introduction to Surface Finish Measurements – James E. Denton
    3. Metal Cutting Processes – Dr. Stuart C. Salmon
    4. Using Metalworking Fluids in Grinding Processes – Dr. Stuart C. Salmon
    5. Metalforming Applications – Kevin H. Tucker
    6. Metal Rolling – Carl S. Kennedy
    7. The Chemistry of Metalworking Fluids – Dr. Neil Canter
    8. Nano Cutting Fluids – Dr. Rukmini Srikant Revuru, Dr. Amrita Maddamsetti, & Dr. Vamsi Krishna Pasam
    9. Laboratory Evaluation of Metalworking Fluids – Jerry P. Byers
    10. Corrosion: Causes & Cures – Dr. Giles J. P. Becket
    11. Microbiology of Metalworking Fluids – Dr. Frederick J. Passman
    12. Filtration Systems for Metalworking Fluids – Robert H. Brandt
    13. Metalworking Fluid Management and Troubleshooting – Gregory J. Foltz
    14. Recycling of Metalworking Fluids – John M. Burke & Alan E. Cross
    15. Waste Treatment Processes – John M. Burke & William A. Gaines
    16. Contact Dermatitis and Metalworking Fluids – Dr. C. G. Toby Mathias, MD
    17. Health and Safety Aspects in the Use of Metalworking Fluids – Dr. Eugene M. White
    18. Generation and Control of Mist from Metal Removal Fluids – Dr. Jean M. Dasch, Carolina C. Ang, and Dr. James D’Arcy
    19. Government Regulations Affecting Metalworking Fluids – Dr. Eugene M. White
    20. Costs Associated with the Use of Metalworking Fluids – Lloyd J. Lazarus
    21. Glossary


    Jerry Byers was the President of STLE from 2012 to 2013, and has been active in the organization for over 35 years. He recently retired from Milacron’s Cimcool Industrial Fluids Division after 42 years with the company. His last position there was as Manager of Research and Development. He received his Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Ball State University, and a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He is a Certified Metalworking Fluid Specialist (CMFS®).

    Byers has served on the Board of Directors of STLE, as an associate editor for Tribology Transactions, as a member of the STLE Metalworking Fluids Education and Training Subcommittee, and as an instructor in the Metalworking Fluids education courses for many years. He held several offices in the Cincinnati section of STLE, including Chairman.

    He holds a patent for a heavy duty chlorine-free metalworking fluid, has spoken at conferences world-wide, authored several journal articles, and was contributing editor for two books: Metalworking Fluids (Marcel Dekker, 1994), and Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition (Taylor & Francis, 2006).

    "Like the first and second editions which have steadfastly served as ‘The Bible’ for the metalworking industry, the third edition will likewise continue this tradition. This is the only truly comprehensive, all-encompassing reference for this industry. This well-written book should be on the highly recommended reading list for anyone interested in the metalworking industry. STLE is proud to have partnered with CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) in co-publishing this important book."
    — Robert M. Gresham, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, Zionsville, Indiana, USA

    "This third edition incorporates the latest technology and newest thinking into the book that has been the unquestioned standard of the metalworking-fluid industry since its very first printing. It can be used as a valuable introduction to metalworking-fluid technology for those new to it, as well as a useful review and expansion of knowledge for experienced personnel."
    —Alan Eachus, Independent Consultant, Villa Park, Illinois, USA

    "Now, the Third Edition has been developed, with updates, applied science, and topics regarding fluid management and costs. I have no doubt it will be widely accepted and eagerly sought for labs and libraries from industry, to academia."
    — Karen Rich Eisenhauer, Integrilube, Bonita Springs, Florida, USA

    "This book is an excellent compilation of many years’ experience of the foremost industry experts. It is comprehensive and thorough in scope and makes for very interesting reading."
    —Don Smolenski, Retired from General Motors, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA

    "This book provides a good overview of the chemistry and applications of metalworking fluids and should be a mandatory reference for anyone involved in the formulation, testing and application of MWFs, as well as those supplying raw materials to the industry. It is also a good reference in preparing for the Certified Metalworking Fluid Specialist exam, sponsored by STLE."
    — Patrick E. Brutto, ANGUS Chemical Company, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA

    "This book has done nothing but improve with each iteration. It is relevant to the industry and my questions are always answered with researching within the previous books. This book is a true industry bible. I have visited the top MWF manufacturers and they all have this book on site as a key reference. Kudos for the team!"
    —Marcia Fournier, Metal Working industry for 32+ years, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA