Metamaterials Handbook - Two Volume Slipcase Set  book cover
1st Edition

Metamaterials Handbook - Two Volume Slipcase Set

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Filippo Capolino

ISBN 9781420053623
Published October 27, 2009 by CRC Press
1736 Pages 700 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The study of artificial electromagnetic materials, or metamaterials, breaks down the traditional frontiers to combine disciplines such as physics and microfabrication, electromagnetic theory and computational methods, optics and microwaves, and nanotechnology and nanochemistry.

With their unique physical properties and unusual combination of microscopic and nanoscopic structures, metamaterials have application potential in a wide range of fields, from electronics and telecommunications to sensing, medical instrumentation, and data storage. However, the strategic objectives of metamaterial development require close cooperation between the many subareas of the field and cross-fertilization of the research from each.

A superior reference for these multidisciplinary challenges, the Metamaterials Handbook provides the multifaceted understanding required by those researching this broad and exciting field. Featuring contributions from international experts, this book covers the essential aspects of metamaterials, including modeling and design, proven and potential applications in practical devices, fabrication, characterization, and measurement. With detailed references for each topic, it conveniently organizes a wealth of information into two volumes—Theory and Phenomena and Applications—that cover years worth of extensive research in this exciting area.

Summarizing the state of the art in the field of electromagnetic artificial materials, this handbook is an ideal guide to using metamaterials for electronic devices in the entire frequency spectrum, from megahertz to optical frequencies.

Table of Contents

Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials

Part I: General Concepts
Historical Notes on Metamaterials, C.R. Simovski and S.A. Tretyakov
Material Parameters and Field Energy in Reciprocal Composite Media, C.R. Simovski and S.A. Tretyakov
Symmetry Principles and Group-Theoretical Methods in Electromagnetics of Complex Media, V. Dmitriev
Differential Forms and Electromagnetic Materials, I. V. Lindell 

Part II: Modeling Principles of Metamaterials
Fundamentals of Method of Moments for Artificial Materials, C. Craeye, X. Radu, F. Capolino, and A. G. Schuchinsky
FDTD Method for Periodic Structures, J. Chen, F. Yang, and R. Qiang
Polarizability of Simple-Shaped Particles, A. Sihvola
Single Dipole Approximation for Modeling Collections of Nanoscatterers, S. Steshenko and F. Capolino
Mixing Rules, A. Sihvola
Nonlocal Homogenization Theory of Structured Materials, M. G. Silveirinha
On the Extraction of LocalMaterial Parameters of Meta-Materials from Experimental or Simulated Data, C. R. Simovski
Field Representations in Periodic Artificial Materials Excited by a Source, F. Capolino, D. R. Jackson, and D. R. Wilton
Modal Properties of Layered Metamaterials, P. Baccarelli, P. Burghignoli, A. Galli, P. Lampariello, G. Lovat, S. Paulotto, and G. Valerio 

Part III: Artificial Magnetics and Dielectrics, Negative Index Media
RF Metamaterials, M. C. K. Wiltshire
Wire Media, I. S. Nefedov and A. J. Viitanen
Split Ring Resonators and Related Topologies, R. Marqués and F. Martin
Designing One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Left-Handed Materials, M. Kafesaki, Th. Koschny, C. M. Soukoulis, and E. N. Economou
Composite Metamaterials, Negative Refraction and Focusing, E. Ozbay and K. Aydin
Metamaterials Based on Pairs of Tightly Coupled Scatterers, A. Vallecchi and F. Capolino
Theory and Design of Metamorphic Materials, C. A. Kyriazidou,H. F. Contopanagos, and N. G. Alexopoulos
Isotropic Double Negative Materials, I. Vendik, O. G. Vendik, and M. Odit
Network Topology Derived Metamaterials: Scalar and Vectorial 3-D Configurations and Their Fabrication, P. Russer and M. Zedler
Negative Refraction in IR and Visible Domains, A. Alù and N. Engheta 

Part IV: Artificial Chiral, Bianisotropic Media, and Quasicrystals
A Review of Chiral and Bianisotropic Composite Materials Providing Backward Waves and Negative Refractive Indices, C.-W. Qiu, S. Zouhdi, and A. Sihvola
Negative Refraction and Perfect Lenses Using Chiral and Bianisotropic Materials, S.A. Tretyakov
Bianisotropic Materials and PEMC, A. Sihvola and I. V. Lindell
Photonic Quasicrystals: Basics and Examples, A. Della Villa, V. Galdi, F. Capolino, S. Enoch, and G. Tayeb 

Part V: Transmission-Line-Based Metamaterials
Fundamentals of Transmission-LineMetamaterials, A. K. Iyer and G. V. Eleftheriades
Corrugated RectangularWaveguides: Composite Right/Left-Handed Metaguides, I. A. Eshrah, A. A. Kishk, A. B. Yakovlev, and A. W. Glisson 

Part VI: Artificial Surfaces
Frequency Selective Surface and Electromagnetic Bandgap Theory Basics, J. C. Vardaxoglou, R. Lee, and A. Chauraya
High-Impedance Surfaces, G. Goussetis, A. P. Feresidis, A. B. Yakovlev, and C. R. Simovski

Part VII: Tunable and Nonlinear Metamaterials
Tunable Surfaces: Modeling and Realizations, C. Panagamuwa and Y. Vardaxoglou
Ferroelectrics as Constituents of Tunable Metamaterials, O. G. Vendik and S. P. Zubko
Spin Waves in Multilayered and Patterned Magnetic Structures, N. Grigorieva, B. Kalinikos, M. Kostylev, and A. Stashkevich
Nonlinear Metamaterials, M. Lapine and M. Gorkunov
Magnetoinductive Waves I: Theory, O. Sydoruk, O. Zhuromskyy, A. Radkovskaya, E. Shamonina, and L. Solymar

Applications of Metamaterials

Part I: Super-resolution
Negative-Refractive-Index Transmission-Line (NRI-TL) Metamaterial Lenses and Superlenses, A. K. Iyer and G. V. Eleftheriades
Flat Lenses Formed by Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystals, P. A. Belov, C. R. Simovski, and P. Ikonen
Subwavelength Imaging by Arrays of Metallic Rods, P. A. Belov, M. G. Silveirinha, C. R. Simovski, and Y. Hao
Super Resolution and Near-Field Enhancement with Layers of Resonant Arrays of Nanoparticles, S. Steshenko, F. Capolino, S. Tretyakov, and C. R. Simovski
Super-Resolution Imaging with Hyperlens, H. Lee, Yi Xiong, Zhaowei Liu, Cheng Sun, and Xiang Zhang 

Part II: Cloaking
Cloaking and Transformation Media, U. Leonhardt and T. G. Philbin
Scattering Cancellation and Plasmonic Cloaking, A. Alù and N. Engheta
Electromagnetic Cloaks and Concentrators, A. D. Yaghjian, S. Maci, and E. Martini

Part III: Circuit Applications in the Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and THz Frequency Ranges
Application of Split Ring Resonators to Microwave Circuit Design, F. Martín and R. Marqués
Application of Electromagnetic Band Gaps to Microwave Circuit Design, J. Bonache, F. Falcone, I. Gil, J. García-García, and F. Martín
Small andMultiband MNG Resonators: Spiral, Prefractal, and Other Geometries, P. J. Ferrer, J. M. González-Arbesú, J. Romeu, J. Parrón, G. Junkin, and R. Villarino
Artificial Ferromagnetic Nanostructured Substrate for Planar Tunable Circuits, J. Spiegel, I. Huynen, L. Piraux, and A. Saib
Microwave Phase Shifters and Filters Based on a Combination of Left-Handed and Right-Handed Transmission Lines, I. B. Vendik, D. V. Kholodnyak, and P. V. Kapitanova
Magnetoinductive Waves II: Applications, O. Sydoruk, A. Radkovskaya, O. Zhuromskyy, E. Shamonina, and L. Solymar

Part IV: Radiation Applications in the Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and THz Frequency Ranges
CRLH Metamaterial Antennas, Part I: Theory and Antenna-Related Concepts, C. Caloz and T. Itoh
CRLH Metamaterial Antennas, Part II: Leaky-Wave and Resonant Antennas, C. Caloz and T. Itoh
Recent Developments of Metamaterial-Based and Metamaterial-Inspired Efficient Electrically Small Antennas, R. W. Ziolkowski and A. Erentok
Application of Metamaterials to Microwave Patch and Leaky-Wave Antennas, L. Vegni, F. Bilotti, A. Alù, and N. Engheta
Enhancement of Directivity by Using Metamaterial Substrates, P. Burghignoli, G. Lovat, F. Capolino, D. R. Jackson, and D. R.Wilton
Metamaterial Antenna Applications, J (Yiannis) C. Vardaxoglou, R. D. Seager, J. A. Flint, and A. Chauraya
High-Impedance Surfaces: Applications, A.P. Feresidis, G. Goussetis, A.B. Yakovlev, and C. R. Simovski
Controllable Metamaterials for Telecoms: Principle, Design, and Applications. Applications in the GSM, GPRS, and UMTS Bands, F. Gadot and A. de Lustrac
Optoelectronic Control of Metamaterials W. J. Padilla and R. D. Averitt
Extraordinary Transmission as an Impedance-Matching Problem, F. Medina, F. Mesa, R. Marqués, and D. C. Skigin 

Part V: Applications in the Optical Frequency Range
Plasmonic Materials for Near-Field Optical Nanolithography, R. J. Blaikie
Enhanced Transmission at Optical Frequencies, L. Martin-Moreno and F. J. Garcia-Vidal
Photonic Crystals for Integrated Communication Systems, H. Benisty and J.-M. Lourtioz
Photonic Applications of Two-Dimensional Quasicrystals, D. N. Chigrin and A. V. Lavrinenko

Part VI: Fabrication Techniques for THz and Optical Metamaterials
Fabrication and Optical Characterization of Photonic Metamaterials, S. Linden and M. Wegener
Metamaterials at Optical Frequencies: Fabrication and Measurements, Nigel P. Johnson, R. M. De La Rue, and S. A. De La Rue
Self-Organized Structures for Metamaterials, D. A. Pawlak
Self-Assembly and Nanochemistry Techniques for the Fabrication of Metamaterials, V. Ponsinet, A. Aradian, P. Barois, and S. Ravaine

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Dr. Capolino is a doctor of electrical engineering and is currently with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of California, Irvine. USA. He has been with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Siena, Italy, since 2002, and also with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Houston, Texas, USA. Dr. Capolino’s research interests include:

  • Metamaterials and their applications in sensors, antennas, and waveguides
  • Micro and nanotechnology
  • Sensors in both microwave and optical ranges
  • Wireless, antennas, and telecommunications systems
  • Theoretical and applied electromagnetics in general