1st Edition

Metaphor and Artificial Intelligence A Special Double Issue of metaphor and Symbol

Edited By John A. Barnden, Mark G. Lee Copyright 2001
    144 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This special issue arose out of a symposium on metaphor and artificial intelligence in which the main orientation was computational models and psychological processing models of metaphorical understanding. The papers in this issue discuss:
    *implemented computational systems for handling different aspects of metaphor understanding;
    *how metaphor can be accommodated in accepted logical representational frameworks;
    *psychological processes involved in metaphor understanding; and
    *the cross-linguistic cognitive reality of conceptual metaphors.

    Volume 16, Numbers 1&2, 2001
    Contents: J.A. Barnden, M.G. Lee, Introduction to the Special Issue on Metaphor and Articifial Intelligence. M.S.C. Thomas, D. Mareschal, Metaphor and Categorisation: A Connectionist Implementation. M.G. Lee, J.A. Barnden, Reasoning About Mixed Metaphors Within an Implemented AI System. J. van Genabith, Metaphors, Logic, and Type Theory. C. Vogel, Dynamic Semantics For Metaphor. H. Bortfeld, M.S. McGlone, The Continuum of Metaphor Processing. F. Brisard, S. Frisson, D. Sandra, Processing Unfamiliar Metaphors in a Self-Paced Reading Task. I.A. Noveck, M. Bianco, A. Castry, The Costs and Benefits of Metaphor. C. Neumann, Is Metaphor Universal? Cross-Language Evidence From German and Japanese.


    John A. Barnden (Edited by) ,  Mark G. Lee (Edited by)