1st Edition

Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry

By K V Krishnamurthy Copyright 1999
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Various methodologies designed to study cell walls are compiled in this book.
    Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry covers the use of modern dyes, fluorescent chemicals, lectins, and antibody technology (immunocytochemisty.)
    Cell wall morphology and chemical composition is covered as well as light and fluorescent cytochemistry; transmission electron microscopic cytochemistry; lectin cytochemistry; and, special emphasis on immunocytochemistry.
    Addressing an emerging area of research and technology, this book will appeal to plant pathologists, cell biologists, as well as workers interested in stress response and those employing cell walls for biotechnological research.

    Cell Wall-Morphology & Chemical Composition
    Cellulose, Callose and other 1, 3-b-glucans, Chitins, Pectins, Hemicelluloses, Alginic Acid, Sulphated Polysaccharides
    Structural Proteins-Lectins, Arabinogalacton Rich Proteins (AGP's), Hydroxy Proline Rich Proteins, Proline Rich Proteins, Glycine Rich Proteins, Threonine Rich Proteins, Thionins, Pistil Specific Extensin-Like Proteins
    Enzymes-Peroxidase, Polyamineoxidase, Phosphatase, Protease, Nitrate Reductase, Malate Dehydrogenase, Proline Hydroxylase, Glycosylhydrolases and Transferases, Non-Specific Esterases, and Ribonucleuses
    Lipids and Related Substances-Cutin, Suberin, Waxes, Sporopollenin, Pollenkitt, and Tryphine
    Lignin and Other Phenolic Substances-Lignins, Phenolic Acids and Amides
    Mineral Substances-Silica, Calcium, and Boron
    Light Microscopic Cytochemistry
    Tissue Preparation-Use of Fresh Living Tissue, Use of Frozen Tissue, Freeze Substitution and Drying, Chemical Fixation, Dehydration and Clearing, Infiltration and Embedding, Sectioning of Materials
    Stains and Staining-Introduction, Control Procedures, Incubation of Materials
    Mounting of Stained Materials
    Procedures in Tissue Preparation for Light Microscopic Cytochemistry-Freezing, Freeze Substitution and Drying Methods, Preparation of Fixatives, Dehydration and Clearing Procedures
    Procedures for the Cytochemical Localizations of Different Cell Wall Substances
    Carbohydrates-Insoluble Polysaccharides, Cellulose, Chitin, Callose, Sulphated and Carboxylated polysaccharides
    Proteins-Non-Specific Cell Wall Proteins, Enzymic Proteins
    Cutins & Suberin
    Fluorescent Microscopic Cytochemistry
    Fluorescent Cytochemical Methods
    Cell Wall Carbohydrates
    Cell Wall Proteins
    Ferulic Acid
    Cutin and Suberin
    Transmission Electron Microscopic Cytochemistry


    Krishnamurthy, K V