Methods in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  book cover
1st Edition

Methods in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

ISBN 9781315895383
Published November 29, 2017 by CRC Press
480 Pages

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Book Description

Modern plant science research currently integrates biochemistry and molecular biology. This book highlights recent trends in plant biotechnology and molecular genetics, serving as a working manual for scientists in academic, industrial, and federal laboratories. A wide variety of authors have contributed to this book, reflecting the thinking and expertise of active investigators who generate advances in technology. The authors were selected especially for their ability to create and/or implement novel research methods.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Structure 1. Methods for Analysis for Plant Cell/Tissue Ultrastructure 2. Carpogenesis and Basidiosporogenesis 3. Decolouration of Wood Sapstain Part 2: Chemistry 4. Isolation Assay and Characterization of Plant Carbohydrates 5. Assay and Purification of Plant Enzymes Oxalate Decarboxylase 6. Antibody-Mediated Immunochemistry and Immunoassay in Plant-Related Diseases 7. Extraction and Assay of Plant Lipids 8. Isolation and Analyses of Plant Nucleic Acids 9. Isolation, Separation, and Characterization of Organic Acids 10. Photo Labelling with 5-Azidoindole-3-Acetic Acid 11. Methods for the Analysis of Cytokinin Content, Metabolism, and Response 12. Analysis of Ethylene Biosynthesis in Plant Tissue by GC-FID 13. The Role of Plant Growth Regulations During Filament and Floral Development in Ipomoea nil Flowers 14. Extraction and Assay of Terpenoids-Including Certain Plant Hormones 15. Analytical Methods for the Analysis of Alkaloids 16. Phenolics and Compartmentalization in Sapwood of Broad Leaved Trees 17. Lignin Analysis 18. Flavanoid Applications in Research 19. Analysis and Manipulation of the Porphyrin Pathway in Higher Plants 20. Isolation and Characterization of Plant and Algal Pigment-Protein 21. The Isolation and Assay of Elicitins 22. Chemistry, Extraction, and Assay of Plant Vitamins Part 3: Metabolism 23. Simultaneous Measurement of Quinone-Pool Reduction and Oxygen Uptake in Potato Tuber Mitochondria 24. Biosynthesis of Plant Cell Wall Carbohydrates 25. Carbohydrolase Assays 26. In Vitro Synthesis of Plant Proteins: Polyphenol Oxidase 27. Plant Lipid Protocols: Biochemical Analysis of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Higher Plants 28. cDNA Library Construction 29. Metabolism of Plant Hormones 30. Lignin Degradation: Ligninases Part 4: Plant Molecular Biology 31. Plant Transformation Technologies and Vectors 32. Restricted Fragment Length Polymorphism 33. Amplification of DNA and Gene Isolation 34. Molecular Analysis of cis and trans-Acting Transcriptional Regulatory Elements for the Bean Storage Protein Phaseolin Gene 35. Manipulation of Plant Gene Expression Using Antisense RNA

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