1st Edition

Mexico Beyond NAFTA

Edited By Martin Puchet Anyul, Lionello Punzo Copyright 2001

    With European Monetary Union well underway, Europe is starting to look at nearby countries and culturally closer continents to define its strategies for the future.
    In this book, chapters by leading Mexican economists are matched with reactions from European colleagues. They offer a novel viewpoint on the critical assessment of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) process, and its implications for the economies of the two continents.

    Part I. Paths to Convergence and Monetary Union(s)

    1. Currency boards and monetary unions: the road ahead or a cul de sac for Mexico's exchange rate policy? David Ibarra and Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid

    2. Is a convergence path of monetary policies possible under the North American free trade agreement? Luis Miguel Galindo and Horacio Catalán

    Part II. Mexico's Foreign Sector, the Exchange Rate, Trade and Productive Structures

    3. The external relationship of the Mexican economy with the United States, and its implications beyond trade María Elena Cardero

    4. Exchange rate and competitiveness Pablo Ruiz-Nápoles

    5. Vertical integration and comparative advantages Fidel Aroche-Reyes

    Part III. Sectoral Performance in Manufacturing, Industrial Organization and the Innovation System During the Trade Liberalization Process

    6. Integration and polarisation: Mexico's economy since 1988 Enrique Dussell Peters

    7. Liberalization policies and Mexico's competitiveness: are technological capabilities upgraded or downgraded Mario Cimoli

    8. Trade integration and sectoral productivity Flor Brown and Lilia Dominguez

    Part IV. Regional Divergence and Structural Policies

    9. Structural divergence and the dynamics of dualism. Lessons from Mexico before and after NAFTA (and some from Italy) Martin Puchet Anyul and Lionello F. Punzo

    10. Regional policies in the North American and European integration agreements Sárah Martínez Pellégrini

    11. The fiscal federal system in Mexico: fiscal insurance with moral hazard Jaime Sempere and Horacio Sobarzo


    Puchet Anyul, Martin ; Punzo, Lionello F