1st Edition

Micro to Quantum Supercapacitor Devices

By Abha Misra Copyright 2023
    174 Pages 79 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Supercapacitors have established their role as high-power density devices capable of storing energy for multiple cycles; these devices are more plentiful than batteries. This book outlines the fundamentals of charge-storage mechanisms in different configurations of supercapacitors. It describes the supercapacitor-related phenomena, state-of-the-art supercapacitor technologies, design and fabrication of electrodes, supercapacitor materials, macro-supercapacitor, planar supercapacitor, significance of electrode design, merits, demerits of current technologies, and future directions. It also details related physics, including prospective materials and electrode parameters.


    • Provides understanding of the device architecture, electrode design, and pros-cons of classical supercapacitors
    • Explains material design in the context of electrochemical energy storage
    • Covers state-of-the-art quantum supercapacitor and technological challenges
    • Describes advanced versions of supercapacitor devices, including macro-to-micro scale devices and applications at different scales
    • Includes details of challenges and outlines of future designs

    This book is aimed at researchers and professionals in electronics, electrochemistry, energy-storage engineering, chemical engineering, and materials science.

    1. Fundamentals of Supercapacitors. 2. Electrochemical Measurements for Supercapacitors. 3. State-of-Art Supercapacitor Design. 4. Supercapacitor Materials. 5. Macro Supercapacitor. 6. Planar Micro-Supercapacitor. 7. Self-Powered Supercapacitor. 8. Design and Fabrication of Planar Supercapacitor Electrodes. 9. Future Applications.


    Abha Misra is a Professor in the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics at Indian Institute of Science (IISc). She earned her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). She later received the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA. Dr. Misra is an Associate of Indian Academy of Sciences, member of National Science Academy, and TWAS Young Affiliate. She is also a recipient of INSA Medal for Young Scientists, SERB Women Excellence Award. Dr. Misra’s research at IISc is mainly focuses on meta-devices for self-powered energy storage and sensing applications.