1st Edition

Microalgae for Environmental Biotechnology Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Applications

Edited By Pau Loke Show, Wai Siong Chai, Tau Chuan Ling Copyright 2023
    466 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This is the first book to present the idea of using Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing in the microalgae industry for environmental biotechnology. It provides the latest developments on microalgae for use in environmental biotechnology, explains process analysis from an engineering point of view, and discusses the transition to smart manufacturing and how state of the art technologies can be incorporated. It covers applications, technologies, challenges, and future perspectives.

    • Showcases how Industry 4.0 can be applied in algae industry

    • Covers new ideas generated from Industry 4.0 for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    • Demonstrates new technologies invented to cater to Industry 4.0 in microalgae

    • Features worked examples related to biological systems

    Aimed at chemical engineers, bioengineers, and environmental engineers, this is an essential resource for researchers, academics, and industry professionals in the microalgae biotechnology field.

    1. Microalgae as Source for Sustainability. 2. The Potential of Microalgae for Environmental Biotechnology. 3. Current Issue and Challenging of Applying Microalgae in Environmental Biotechnology. 4. How Far Has the Development for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Microalgae?. 5. Understanding Environmental Biotechnology 4.0. 6. What Are Smart Microalgae? 7. Towards the Digitalization of Environmental Biotechnology. 8. Smart Factory of Microalgae in Environmental Biotechnology. 9. Biomanufacturing in Microalgae Industry. 10. Implementation of Microalgae 4.0 in Environmental Biotechnology. 11. Industry Perspectives of Microalgae 4.0 12. Sustainability and Development of Microalgae 4.0. 13. Remaining Challenges and Uncertainties.


    Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Pau-Loke SHOW is Professor, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia. He also the director of Sustainable Food Processing Research Centre and Co-director of Future Food Malaysia, Beacon of Excellence, at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He also serves as President of International Bioprocess Association in Malaysia. He has graduated more than 20 PhD and MSc students, and is leading a team of 20 members consisting of postdoctoral, PhD and MSc research students. He has published more than 350 journal papers in less than 8 years of his career. His publications have been cited over 5000 times over the past 5 years. His current h-index is 36, placing him among the top leaders of his chosen field (Microalgae Technology). He is also the Primary Project leaders for more than 35 projects from International, National, and Industry Projects, with total amount more than MYR5.0 million.

    CHAI Wai Siong received his PhD in Engineering from University of Nottingham, Malaysia. He was a postdoc Zhejiang University. His research areas include green technologies, combustion, and microscale technologies.

    LING Tau Chuan is Professor, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Malaya. He is cited as Top 2% international Scientists by Stanford University and received the Aua Scholars Award, Tsinghua University in 2018, and the 2017 Young Asian Biotechnologist Prize, The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. He was granted an Invited Fellowship(Short Term), Japan Society for The Promotion of Science, 2015. He is a fellow of IChemE.