1st Edition

Microbial Technologies for Wastewater Recycling and Management Recent Trends, Challenges, and Perspectives

Edited By VINEET KUMAR, Joginder Singh Copyright 2023
    370 Pages 58 Color & 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    370 Pages 58 Color & 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book introduces the innovative and emerging microbial technologies for the treatment, recycling, and management of industrial, domestic, and municipal water and other wastewater in an environment-friendly and cost-effective manner. It discusses existing methods and technologies, up-gradation of existing technologies, and new technologies. It also highlights opportunities in the existing technologies along with industrial practices and real-life case studies.

    Section I: Introduction to Wastewater and Remediation Technologies

    1. Wastewater Pollution, Toxicity Profile, and Their Treatment Approaches: A Review

    Sugandha Mishra, Dhirendra Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Amit Kumar Dutta, and Asha Sharma

    2. Bioremediation: A Sustainable Approach towards Clean Environment

    Humaira Khanam, Tesnim Arfi, and Vinod Kumar Nigam

    3. Constructed Wetland-Microbial Fuel Cell Technology during Wastewater Treatment: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

    Kalp Bhusan Prajapati, Manoj Kumar, Neeraj Kumar Singh, and Rajesh Singh

    4. Genetically Engineered Microorganisms (GEMs) for a Sustainable Environment: A Promising Biotechnological Tool

    Savita Durgappa Sandur and Shankramma Kalikeri

    5. Performance of Anammox in Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Recent Advances and Future Prospects

    Thilagavathi Arumugham, Imran Ahmad, Norhayati Abdullah, Ali Yuzir, Iwamoto Koji, and Shaza Eva Mohamad

    6. Vermifiltration Technology: Earthworm Assisted Green Technology for Wastewater Treatment

    Sudipti Arora, Samvida Saxena, Vikky Sinha, Devanshi Sutaria, and Sakshi Saraswat

    7. Amalgamation of Constructed Wetland and Microbial Fuel Cell Systems as a Sustainable Approach towards Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery

    Amol Shukla, Satyendra, Pravin Manekar, Rima Biswas, Ritesh Vijay, and Sukdeb Pal

    8. Indigenous Microorganisms: An Effective In-Situ Tool to Mitigate Organic Pollutants from Contaminated Sites

    Sampurna Nandy, Deepak Panchal, Atya Kapley, and Sukdeb Pal

    9. Bioaugmentation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Review

    Sunayana Goswami and Suchismita Das

    10. Microbial Biofilms for Efficient Biological Wastewater Treatment: Mechanisms, Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Perspectives

    Shradhanjali Sethi, Bijaylaxmi Sahoo, Rima Biswas, and Rohan Gupta

    11. Genetically Engineered Microbes in Bioremediation of Environmental Contaminants

    Bishal Singh, Marpu Adilakshmi, and Evangeline Christina

    12. Microalgae: Tool for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants from the Industrial Wastewater

    Megha Shah and Anupama Shrivastav

    Section II: Microbial Treatment of Wastewater/Wastewater Pollutants

    13. Microbial Reclamation of Pulp and Paper-Making Industry Wastewater: Electricity Generation, Value Added Co-Product Recovery and Waste Valorization

    Dhanya Mecherivalappil Subramanian and Sneh Lata

    14. Microbial Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater and Recovery of Value-Added Bioactive Compounds: Current Scenario, Challenges, and Future Prospects

    Jyoti Kaushal, Madhu Khatri, and Shailendra Kumar Arya

    15. Reclamation of Lead Acid Battery Processing Wastewater through Microbes and Waste Valorization: Progress, Challenges, and Future Prospects

    Sankha Chakrabortty, Indranil Saha, Jayato Nayak, and Ramesh Kumar

    16. Microbial Approaches for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Recycling and Management for Sustainable Development: Present Status, Challenges, and Opportunities.

    Prasenjit Chakraborty, Sankha Chakrabortty, Jayato Nayak, and Sujoy Chattaraj

    17. Biotechnological Approaches for Microbial Treatment of Textile Wastewater and Resource Recovery: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Perspectives

    Himanshu Tiwari and R.S. Singh

    18. Strategic Re-use and Recycling of Grey Water through Treatment Systems for Resource Recovery

    Divita Gautam and Praveen Dahiya

    19. A Sustainable Approach of Biodiesel Production and Water Treatment Using Oleaginous Microorganisms

    Heilyn Pérez Soler, Jasiel García, and Myriam A. Amezcua-Allieri

    20. Biological Treatment and Value-Added Products Recovery from Wastewaters Discharged from Food Processing Industries: A Review

    Spriha Raven, Archana Tiwari, Lipi Rina, Aditya Francis, and Sashita Bindu Ekka

    21. Integrated Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel Production Using Microalgae

    Mohit Aggarwal and Neelancherry Remya



    Vineet Kumar, Joginder Singh