2nd Edition

Microbially Corrosion 3rd International Workshop : Papers

By C. A. C. Sequeira Copyright 1995

    Proceedings of the 3rd International EFC Workshop on Microbial Corrosion. Thirty-three chapters cover the occurrence, mechanisms and prevention of microbial corrosion. Topics discussed include work on the microbial corrosion of copper at various centres in Europe, case studies with stainless steel, aluminium brass, carbon steels etc., and topics such as groundwater engineering and fuel tanks

    1. An interdisciplinary approach to microbially influenced corrosion of copper, 2. Microbial corrosion : mechanisms and general studies, 3. Microbial corrosion : case studies, 4. Microbial corrosion : prevention and control


    Sequeira\, C. A. C.