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Microbiology of Extreme & Unusual Environments

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Microbiology of Solid Waste

Microbiology of Solid Waste

1st Edition

By Anna C. Palmisano, Morton A. Barlaz
August 16, 1996

Interest in solid waste disposal has been growing since the early 1960s, when researchers emphasized the potential for solid waste to harbor pathogenic microorganisms. Since then, society has become more interested in the environmental impacts of solid waste treatment and disposal, and how ...

The Biology of Halophilic Bacteria

The Biology of Halophilic Bacteria

1st Edition

By Russell H. Vreeland, Lawrence I. Hochstein
November 30, 1992

A book for anyone interested in halophilic bacteriaThe Biology of Halophilic Bacteria presents detailed information regarding methods for working with halophilic bacteria. Helpful hints for performing various tests and assays in high salts are given, and information about data presentation and ...

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