1st Edition

Microbiology of the Terrestrial Deep Subsurface

By Penny S. Amy Copyright 1997

    Obtaining and analyzing samples is challenging in subsurface science. This first-of-its-kind reference book addresses accomplishments in this field-from drilling to sample work-up. A collaborative approach is taken, involving the efforts of microbiologists, geochemists, hydrologists, and drilling and mining experts to present a comprehensive view of subsurface research. The text provides practical information about obtaining, analyzing, and evaluating subsurface materials; the current status of subsurface microbial ecology; and describes several applications that will interest a variety of readers, including engineers, physical, and life scientists.

    1. Denizens of the Deep 2. Considerations for Sampling 3. Geohydrologic and Geochemical Characterization 4. Methods for Obtaining Deep Subsurface Microbiological Samples by Drilling 5. The Collection of Subsurface Samples by Mining 6. The Storage-Related Phenomenon- Implications for Handling and Analysis of Subsurface Samples 7. Microbial Heterogeneity in the Terrestrial Subsurface and Approaches for Its Description 8. Microbial Ecology and Related Methods 9. Identity and Diversity of Microorganisms Cultured from Subsurface Environments 10. Utility of the Signature Lipid Biomarker Analysis in Determining the In Situ Viable Biomass, Community Structure, and Nutritional/Physiological Status of Deep Subsurface Microbiota 11. Life in the Slow Lane: Activities of Microorganisms in the Subsurface 12. Phylogenetic Analysis and Implications for Subsurface Microbiology 13. Microbial Dormancy and Survival in the Subsurface 14. Subsurface Microbiology and the Evolution of the Biosphere 15. Movement of Bacteria in the Subsurface 16. Applications 17. Bioremediation 18. European Microbiology Related to the Subsurface Disposal of Nuclear Waste 19. Subsurface Microbiology- Effects on the Transport of Radioactive Wastes in the Vadose Zone 20. Biofilm Processes in Porous Media-Practical Applications 21. NTI Copy: Already written for June 1996 sales meeting


    Penny S. Amy