Microcontrollers : High-Performance Systems and Programming book cover
1st Edition

High-Performance Systems and Programming

ISBN 9781138076402
Published October 12, 2017 by CRC Press
701 Pages 184 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Focusing on the line of high-performance microcontrollers offered by Microchip, Microcontrollers: High-Performance Systems and Programming discusses the practical factors that make the high-performance PIC series a better choice than their mid-range predecessors for most systems. However, one consideration in favor of the mid-range devices is the abundance of published application circuits and code samples. This book fills that gap.

  • Possibility of programming high-performance microcontrollers in a high-level language (C language)
  • Source code compatibility with PIC16 microcontrollers, which facilitates code migration from mid-range to PIC18 devices
  • Pin compatibility of some PIC18 devices with their PIC16 predecessors, making the reuse of PIC16 controllers in circuits originally designed for mid-range hardware possible

Designed to be functional and hands-on, this book provides sample circuits with their corresponding programs. It clearly depicts and labels the circuits, in a way that is easy to follow and reuse. Each circuit includes a parts list of the resources and components required for its fabrication. The book matches sample programs to the individual circuits, discusses general programming techniques, and includes appendices with useful information.

Table of Contents

Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems
The Microchip PIC
PIC Architecture

PIC18 Architecture
PIC18 Family Overview
Memory Organization
PIC18FXX2 Oscillator
System Reset
I/O Ports
Internal Modules

Programming Tools and Software
The Environment
MPLAB Simulators and Debuggers
Development Programmers
Test Circuits and Development Boards

Assembly Language Program
Assembly Language Code
Defining Data Elements
PIC18Fxx2 Instruction Set

PIC18 Programming in C Language
C Compilers
MPLAB C18 Installation
C Compiler Project
A First Program in C

C Language in an Embedded Environment
MPLAB C18 Sys tem
MPLAB C18 Libraries
Processor-Independent Libraries
Processor-Specific Libraries
Math Libraries

Programming Simple Input and Output
Port-Connected I/O
C Language Simple I/O Pro gram
Seven-segment LED Programming
C Language 7-segment LED Programs
A Demonstration Board

Interrupt Mechanism
PIC18 Interrupt System
Port B Interrupts
Sleep Mode and Interrupts
Interrupt Programming in C Language

Delays, Counters, and Timers
PIC18 Family Timers
Delay Timers
Hard ware Timer-Counters
Timer0 Module
Other Timer Modules
C-18 Timer Functions
Sample Programs

10 Data EEPROM
EEPROM on the PIC18 Microcontrollers
EEPROM Programming
Data EEPROM Programming in C Language
EEPROM Demonstration Programs

Liquid Crystal Displays
Interfacing with the HD44780
The HD44780 Instruction Set
LCD Programming
Data Compression Techniques
LCD Programming in C18
LCD Application Development in C18

Real-Time Clocks
Measuring Time
Real-Time Clock ICs
RTC Demonstration Circuit and Program
Real-Time Clocks in C18 3

Analog Data and Devices
Operations on Computer Data
18F452 A/D Hardware
A/D Conversion in C18
Interfacing with Analog Devices
1 LM 34 Temperature Sensor

Operating Systems
Time-Critical Systems
RTOS Scope
RTOS Programming
Constructing the Scheduler
A Small System Example
Sample OS Application

Appendix A MPLAB C18 Language Tutorial
Appendix B De bugging 18F Devices
Appendix C Building Your Own Circuit Boards
Appendix D PIC18 Instruction Set
Appendix E Number Systems and Data Encoding
Appendix F Basic Electronics

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