1st Edition

Microcystic Aeruginosa Removal by Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

By Aleksandar Vlaski Copyright 1998
    270 Pages
    by CRC Press

    272 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The problem of reservoir eutrophication and resulting increase of algal activity is common for seven Dutch waterworks. In this context, the text investigates dissolved air flotation (DAF) as an alternative for algae removal, compared to conventionally applied sedimentation.

    Acknowledgements -- Abstract -- 1. The algae problem in the Netherlands from a water treatment perspective -- 2. Research objectives, hypotheses and methodology -- 3. Optimisation of coagulation conditions for the removal of Microcystis aeruginosa by dissolved air flotation or sedimentation -- 4. Polyelectrolyte enhanced coagulation and algae conditioning by ozone or KMn04 in the context of efficient dissolved air flotation -- 5. Algae laden water treatment by dissolved air flotation (DAF) -pilot plant results -- 6. The role of floe size and density in dissolved air flotation and sedimentation -- 7. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) kinetic modelling - a tool for improved process design and operation -- 8. Extended Summary and Conclusions -- Samenvatting (Summary in Dutch) -- Curriculum Vitae.


    Vlaski, Aleksandar