1st Edition

Microlens Arrays

By Dan Daly Copyright 2000
    248 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The general trend towards miniaturisation and parallelism in optics and electro-optics has led to a requirement for arrays of sub-millimetre sized lenses. Thus, the demand for these microlens arrays has increased dramatically over recent years. Dan Daly's book describes the technology of microlens arrays and provides a recipe for producing them. It surveys the many fabrication techniques and discusses the numerous applications which either require or enhanced by the use of microlens arrays.
    This book gives a full description of the processes involved in production and limitations of the techniques. Processes looked at include the Thermal Reflow of Photoresist technique and the Silicon Elastomer Replication Process. As the measurement of microlenses is an intrinsic part of the production process, the methods which can be used to evaluate lens performance are explained.

    1. Introduction 2. Fabrication Techniques and Applications 3. The Method of Manufacturing Microlenses by Melting Photoresist 4. Improvements to the Performance of Microlens Arrays 5. Measurement of Microlenses 6. Interferometers to Measure Microlenses 7. Optical Performance of Individual Microlenses 8. Summary 9. References


    Dan Daly