1st Edition

Microplastics Analytical Challenges and Environmental Impacts

Edited By Hyunjung Kim Copyright 2023
    216 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book introduces the growing problem of microplastics pollution in the soil and aquatic environment and its interaction with other chemical pollutants. Further, it provides a detailed review of existing analysis techniques for characterization, separation, and quantification of microplastics including their merits and demerits with possible suggestions. Additionally, the regulatory need and actions for improving the economic and quality of plastic recycling, curbing microplastic littering, and stakeholders, researchers, and recyclers challenges are reviewed comprehensively. Priorities are identified to bridge the knowledge gaps for appropriate management of existing challenges.


    Provides a comprehensive description of the fate and environmental impact of microplastics, along with various characterization methods

    Overviews the interaction of microplastics with other toxic chemicals and further their transportation in environment                                                                                      

    Explains how microplastics enter in environment and its effect on biota and human health         

    Analyses existing analytical techniques for characterization of microplastics

    Describes societal awareness related to use of plastic and discarding

    This book focusses on graduate students, researchers in environmental engineering, ecological engineering, chemical and biological engineering, plastics and material sciences/engineering, waste management. materials science.

    1. Emergence, chemical nature, classification, environmental impact and analytical challenges of various plastics. 
    Hyunjung Kim & Sadia Ilyas

    2. Laws, regulations or policy tools to govern Macro-, Meso-, Micro- and Nano-plastics.
    Hyunjung Kim & Sadia Ilyas

    3. Degradation pathways of various plastics.
    Hyunjung Kim, Sadia Ilyas & Gukhwa Hwang

    4. Interaction of inorganic and organic pollutants with microplastics. 
    Hyunjung Kim, Sadia Ilyas & Humma Akram Cheema

    5. Impacts of micro-, nano-plastics on biota.
    Sadia Ilyas, Hyunjung Kim & Gukhwa Hwang

    6. Collection of micro-, nano-plastics from various environments and associated challenges.
    Hyunjung Kim, Sadia Ilyas, Byoung-cheun Lee, Geunbae Kim & Gilsang Hong

    7. Separation of micro-, nano-plastics from various environments and associated challenges.
    Hyunjung Kim, Sadia Ilyas, Allan Gomez-Flores & Humma Akram Cheema

    8. Identification of micro-, nano-plastics and associated analytical challenges.
    Sadia Ilyas & Hyunjung Kim


    Hyunjung "Nick" Kim is the Professor at the Department of Earth Resources & Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Dr. Kim received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, and Ph.D. from California, Riverside, in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He served over twelve years in the Department of Mineral Resource and Energy Engineering of Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju. He specializes in colloidal chemistry, froth flotation, bio-hydrometallurgy, and microplastics with over ten years of academic research experience. Prof. Kim is currently serving as the Editorial Member/Associate Editor in several reputed journals. Prof. Kim has authored more than 150 refereed journal publications, several book chapters, and edited books. He has been awarded the Young Scientist award from the Industrial Minerals & Aggregates Division of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) in 2016. Prof. Kim also served as lead director of Brain Korea 21+, one of the prestigious projects of Korea.