Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology : Advances, Techniques, and Practice book cover
1st Edition

Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology
Advances, Techniques, and Practice

ISBN 9780849326264
Published November 29, 2007 by CRC Press
704 Pages

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Book Description

Bioassays are among the ecotoxicologist's most effective weapons in the evaluation of water quality and the assessment of ecological impacts of effluents, chemicals, discharges, and emissions on the aquatic environment. Information on these assessment aids is needed throughout the international scientific and environmental management community. This comprehensive reference provides an excellent overview of the small-scale aquatic bioassay techniques and applications currently in use around the world.
This special volume is the result of several years of collaboration between Environment Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Internationally recognized research scientists at many institutions have contributed to this state-of-the-art examination of the exciting, environmentally important field of microscale testing in aquatic toxicology.
Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology contains over forty chapters covering relevant principles, new techniques and recent advancements, and applications in scientific research, environmental management, academia, and the private sector.

Table of Contents

Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology: Introduction, Historical Perspective, and Context, C. Blaise, P.G. Wells, and K. Lee
Biochemical Assays
Immunoassays: Applications for the Aquatic Environment, A. Dankwardt, S. Pullen, and B. Hock
Environmental Applications with Submitochondrial Particles, H.W. Read, J.M. Harkin, and K.E. Gustavson
Bioassays to Measure MFO Inducers in Effluents, P.V. Hodson, J. Sherry, and J. Parrott
Enzyme Inhibition for Examination of Toxic Effects in Aquatic Systems, U. Obst, A. Wessler, and M. Weigand-Rosinus
Tissue Culture Assays
Sponge Cells and Tissue as Biological Monitors of Aquatic Pollution, W.E.G. Müller and I.M. Müller
The Use of Fish Cells in the Toxicological Evaluation of Environmental Contaminants, F. Denizeau
In Vitro Assays for Detection of Non-Genotoxic Carcinogens, M.J. Durand, V. Cruciani, S. Alexandre, J.C. Hoflack, H. Bessi, C. Blaise, and P. Vasseur
Microbial Enzyme Assays for the Detection of Heavy Metal Toxicity, G. Bitton and J.L. Morel
ATP-TOX System - A Review, H.H. Xu
Luminescent Bacterial Biosensors for the Rapid Detection of Toxicants, S.F. Briscoe, J. Cai, and M.S. DuBow
Stress-Responsive Luminous Bacteria for Toxicity and Genotoxicity Monitoring, S. Belkin
Microtox® Toxicity Test Systems - Where They Stand Today, A. Qureshi, A.A. Bulich, and D. Isenberg
Microtox® Toxicity Test System - New Developments and Applications, B.T. Johnson
Measurement of Microbial Exoenzyme Activity in Sediments for Environmental Impact Assessment, K. Lee and K.L. Tay
Small-Scale In Vitro Genotoxicity Tests for Bacteria and Invertebrates, P.D. Hansen and A. Herbert
Recent Advances in Toxicity Test Methods Using Kelp Gametophytes. B.S. Anderson, J.W. Hunt, and W. Piekarski
Microplate Toxicity Tests with Micro-Algae: A Review, C. Blaise, J.-F. Férard, and P. Vasseur
Ecophysiological Considerations in Microalgal Toxicity Tests, C. Nalewajko and M.M. Olaveson
Development and First Validation of a "Stock-Culture Free" Algal Microbiotest: The Algaltoxkit, G. Persoone
Ciliated Protozoa as Test Organisms in Toxicity Assessments, G.L. Gilron and D.H. Lynn
Development of a Protozoan Chemoattraction Inhibition Assay for Evaluating Toxicity of Aquatic Pollutants, S.G. Berk and R.O. Roberts
Ciliate Microbiotest Applications: Metal Contaminants in Water and Soil, J.R. Pratt, D.G. Mochan, and N.J. Bowers
Utility and Practical Considerations for In Vitro Developmental Toxicity Testing: Hydra and FETAX Assays, E.M. Johnson
Microscale Bioassays for Corals, M. Branton
The Use of Larvae and Small Species of Polychaetes in Marine Toxicological Testing, D. J. Reish
Development of a Canadian Marine Toxicity Test for Whole Sediment Using Cultured Spionid Polychaetes, P. Pocklington and K.G. Doe
Microscale Toxicity Testing with Rotifers, T.W. Snell and C.R. Janssen
Recent Advances in Microscale Toxicity Testing with Marine Mollusks, J.W. Hunt, B.S. Anderson, and B.M. Phillips
Development and Validation of Toxkit Microbiotests with Invertebrates, in Particular Crustaceans, G. Persoone
Death by Mud: Amphipod Sediment Toxicity Tests, P.M. Chapman
Physiological Dysfunction in Estuarine Mysids and Larval Decapods with Chronic Pesticide Exposure, C.L. McKenney
Teleosts and Amphibians
Aquatic Testing with Early Life Stages of Killifish, J.S. Weis and P. Weis
Genetoxicity in Fish Embryos, A. Herbert and P.-D. Hansen
Genotoxicity Tests in Amphibians: A Review, V. Ferrier, L. Gauthier, C. Zoll-Moreux, and J. L'Haridon
Multi-Trophic Assessment in Practice
Marine and Estuarine Porewater Toxicity Testing, R.S. Carr
Correspondence of a Microscale Toxicity Test to Responses to Toxicants in Natural Systems, J. Cairns, B.R. Niederlehner, and E.P. Smith
Role of Microbiotests in Contaminated Sediment Assessment Batteries, P. Ross
The Influence of Particle Size, Ammonia, and Sulfide on Toxicity of Dredged Materials for Ocean Disposal, K.L. Tay, K.G. Doe, A.J. MacDonald, and K. Lee
Oil Spill Treating Agents: Present Knowledge and Toxicity Testing Needs, A.J. Mearns
The Development, Validation, and Analysis of Salmonella Mutagenicity Test Methods for Environmental Situations, L.D. Claxton
Investigating the Sources and Fate of Genotoxic Substances in Aquatic Ecosystems with the SOS Chromotest, P.A. White and C. Cóté
The Development and Application of Sediment Toxicity Tests for Regulatory Purposes, M.G. Nipper
Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology: Conclusions and Future Directions, K. Lee, P.G. Wells, and C. Blaise

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Peter G. Wells (Environment Canada, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) (Edited by) ,  Kenneth Lee (Edited by) ,  Christian Blaise (Environment Canada) (Edited by)