1st Edition

Microscopic Monsters and the Scientists Who Slay Them Inquiry-Based Science Lessons for Advanced and Gifted Students in Grades 4-5

By Jason S. McIntosh Copyright 2021
    186 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Recipient of the 2019 NAGC Curriculum Award

    It is a germy world out there, and students are naturally curious about this hidden world. Microscopic Monsters and the Scientists Who Slay Them, a 30-lesson interdisciplinary science unit:

    • Is designed to teach high-ability fourth and fifth graders how to think like real-world epidemiologists.
    • Was designed using the research-based Integrated Curriculum Model.
    • Features challenging problem-based learning tasks and engaging resources.
    • Includes detailed teacher instructions and suggestions for differentiation.
    • Is winner of the National Association for Gifted Children's curriculum award.

    In unit, students apply principles of epidemiology and microbiology to respond to a fictional epidemic and its effect on their town, all while building an understanding of the perseverance required to detect, track, and stop epidemics through the experiences of real-life epidemiologists and exploring career paths available in the diverse fields of medicine and microbiology. Suggestions and guidance are included on how teachers can adjust the rigor of learning tasks based on students' interests and needs.

    Grades 4-5

    Introduction Lesson 1 Preassessing Perseverance Lesson 2 Epic Epidemiology Lesson 3 Justifying The Existence Of Germs Lesson 4 Making A Microscope Lesson 5 Manufacturing A Microbe Lesson 6 Master Planning A Metropolis Lesson 7 A Serious Scenario Lesson 8 Engineering An Epidemic Lesson 9 Managing Malaria Lesson 10 Planning For A Potential Pandemic Lesson 11 Contrasting The Causes Is It Bacterial Or Viral? Lesson 12 Scripting An S.O.S. Signal Lesson 13 Nitpicking Your Newscast Lesson 14 How Our Bodies Fight Off Foes Lesson 15 Heredity Or Health Habit Lesson 16 Practicing A Predicament Lesson 17 Confidential Case Files Lesson 18 Gadgets And Gizmos Lesson 19 Doling Out Donated Dollars Lesson 20 Broken Into Branches Lesson 21 Pandemics Of The Past Lesson 22 Gdp Population Patterns Lesson 23 Are All Germs Bad? Lesson 24 Symbiotic Synergy And Pathogenic Pariahs Lesson 25 Cultivating A Cure Lesson 26 Vaccination Vexation Lesson 27 Paying For The Potion Lesson 28 Engineering Ethical Eradication Efforts Lesson 29 Personal Pillars Of Perseverance Lesson 30 Pondering Our Progress References Appendix A Recommended Reading Appendix B Master Materials List About The Author Common Core State Standards Alignment Next Generation Science Standards Alignment


    Jason S. McIntosh, Ph.D., is an experienced educator (24 years in the field) and passionate advocate for gifted education

    "Professional organized and exceptionally well presented, "Microscopic Monsters and the Scientists Who Slay Them: Inquiry-Based Science Lessons for Advanced and Gifted Students in Grades 4-5" a thoroughly 'user friendly' compendium ideal for curriculum planning -- making it an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to classroom teacher and school district Elementary School Science Class instructional reference collections."
    -James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review