1st Edition

Midlife and Older LGBT Adults Knowledge and Affirmative Practice for the Social Services

By Ski Hunter Copyright 2005
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Gain insight into the various practice issues that arise when working with midlife and older LGBT persons!

    Take a unique look at the lives of midlife and older LGBT persons in Midlife and Older LGBT Adults. This book reviews various life arenas in which midlife and older LGBT persons exist and the problems with which they cope. It addresses the lives of this group—from their sexual identities to their family and work situations. The book includes research-based knowledge on issues such as coming out, disclosure, education, work, family, general positives and negatives, and more.

    Not only does this book discuss the lifestyles of individuals in this group, but it also includes how social services professionals can respond to their needs in an affirmative way. The book provides an overview of practice issues with midlife and older LGBT persons to help social workers and other human services workers treat individuals in this group more effectively. It also identifies changes in diagnostics, treatments, and human services. The book presents numerous studies involving midlife and older LGBT persons and an extensive reference list for further information.

    In Midlife and Older LGBT Adults you’ll learn how to help individuals in this group deal with:

    • coming out—the positives and the negatives
    • disclosure to different audiences
    • benefits of community involvement and participation
    • family lives including friends and significant others
    • transitions and downturns
    • HIV/AIDS
    • victimization, loneliness, loss
    • and much more!
    This book will appeal to any social services professional interested in or working with individuals in this population. It serves as a useful resource for human services workers and administrators by outlining practice issues. It is also suitable as a textbook for students in courses on adult development and aging. Midlife and older LGBT persons will find this book to be an engaging look at the lives of their peers. Make this one-of-a-kind book part of your collection!

      • Acknowledgments
      • Introduction
      • The Studies
      • Numbers of Midlife and Older LGBT Persons
      • When Does Midlife or Older Age Happen?
      • Historical Contexts
      • The Turning Point of Stonewall
      • The HIV/AIDS Epidemic
      • Chapter 1. Concepts, Identities, and Terms
      • Gender and Sex
      • Sexual Orientation
      • Sexual Identity
      • Unsettled Terminology
      • Other Terms
      • Summary
      • Chapter 2. Coming Out and Disclosure
      • Stages of the Coming-Out Process
      • Coming Out in Midlife and Later
      • Disclosures
      • Family of Origin
      • Racial and Ethnic Families
      • Disclosures to Marital Partners
      • Disclosures to Children
      • Disclosure Management
      • Summary
      • Chapter 3. Education, Work, Income, and Community Participation
      • Education and Income
      • Work Aspirations and Work Lives
      • Community Development and Participation
      • Benefits of Community Involvement
      • Social Services
      • Summary
      • Chapter 4. Family Links
      • Older Parent-Child Links
      • Special Roles in One’s Family of Origin
      • Chosen Families
      • Friends
      • Couples
      • Midlife and Older Lesbian and Gay Couples
      • Duration of Links
      • Summary
      • Chapter 5. Positives
      • Positives for Older Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • Positives in Midlife
      • Summary
      • Chapter 6. Downturns of Aging
      • Psychological Issues
      • Loss and Bereavement
      • Economics and Housing Issues
      • Health Care System
      • Summary
      • Chapter 7. Changes in Diagnostics, Treatments, and Human Services
      • Battles and Victories
      • Oppressive Treatments of Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • The New Affirmative Practice
      • Human Services Today
      • Ongoing Heterosexist Attitudes in Practice
      • Requirements of Practitioners and Social Services Agencies
      • Affirmative Environment, Language, and Questions
      • Summary
      • Chapter 8. Overview of Practice Issues with Midlife and Older LGBT Persons
      • Issues Lesbians May Experience at Midlife
      • Issues Gay Men May Experience at Midlife
      • Issues That Older Lesbian and Gay Persons May Experience
      • Practice Principles for Working with Older Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • Summary
      • Chapter 9. Practice with Coming-Out and Disclosure Issues
      • Coming-Out Issues for Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • Coming-Out Issues for Bisexual Persons
      • Coming-Out Issues for Transgender Persons
      • Disclosures
      • Summary
      • Chapter 10. Practice with Couples and Families
      • Issues Involving Internalized Oppression
      • Issues Involving Identity Development and Disclosure
      • Benefits of Social Support
      • Legal Protections in the Event of Serious Illness, Death, or Breakup
      • Issues Experienced by Couples with Bisexual Members
      • HIV/AIDS
      • Families
      • Summary
      • Chapter 11. Group and Community Practice with Older Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • Two Models for Services
      • Community Organizing on Behalf of Older Lesbian and Gay Persons
      • Use of Social Services
      • Summary
      • References
      • Index