1st Edition

Migration, Incorporation, and Change in an Interconnected World

By Syed Ali, Doug Hartmann Copyright 2015
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Written in engaging and approachable prose, Migration, Incorporation, and Change in an Interconnected World covers the bulk of material a student needs to get a good sense of the empirical and theoretical trends in the field of migration studies, while being short enough that professors can easily build their courses around it without hesitating to assign additional readings. Taking a unique approach, Ali and Hartmann focus on what they consider the important topics and the potential route the field is going to take, and incorporate a conceptual lens that makes this much more than a simple relaying of facts.

    Introduction 1. Leaving Home 2. Cheap Meat for the Global Market 3. Globally Mobile Professionals 4. Assimilation of Second-Generation Immigrants 5. Maligned migrants: Muslims in the US and Western Europe 6. How Migration Impacts Societies Conclusion: Factors and Actors that will Shape the Future


    Syed Ali is an associate professor of sociology at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently the co-editor of Contexts Magazine, and is the author of Dubai: Gilded Cage. He is also an Ultimate Frisbee player and a potter.

    Douglas Hartmann (Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, 1997) is Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of Race, Culture, and the Revolt of the Black Athlete: The 1968 Olympic Protests and Their Aftermath (University of Chicago Press, 2003), and co-author of Ethnicity and Race: Making Identities in a Changing World (Pine Forge Press, 2007 with Stephen Cornell). Hartmann’s work has also appeared in the American Sociological Review, Ethnic and Racial Studies, the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, and Social Problems, and his comments on sport, race, popular culture, religion, and multiculturalism have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the country as well as on television and radio. In addition, Professor Hartmann is President of the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS), and co-editor and publisher (with Chris Uggen) of the award-winning TheSocietyPages.org. Hartmann is currently working on a book entitled "Midnight Basketball, Race, and Neoliberal Social Policy."

    This book is a much-needed and refreshing look into the globalized nature of contemporary migration that highlights lesser-known aspects such as temporary workers, expatriates, and Muslims in Europe, and by distilling important academic theories, concepts, and analysis of contemporary immigration into a more accessible text that will hopefully reach a wider, more popular audience.

    -C.N. Le, Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    This is an indispensable text for faculty teaching about migration issues in an era of globalization. The book packages the latest research in global migration in a way that faculty will be able to easily structure courses around and that students will find not only informative but also thoroughly engaging. I highly recommend it!

    -Matthew Ward, Sociology, University of Southern Mississippi

    The story of migration is far too unruly to be contained within disciplinary boundaries. With this book, the authors have achieved the near-impossible; they have woven a complex set of arguments into a compelling and teachable narrative. This is a great resource for students of migration and globalization from a variety of disciplines.

    -Raza Mir, Seymour Hyman Professor of Management, William Paterson University

    This book combines succinct summaries of classics ideas with carefully selected and contextualized empirical facts, and presents a number of most pressing issues in international migration today in a highly accessible, to-the-point manner. A wonderful introduction to migration studies and related subjects. Highly recommended.  

    -Mika Toyota, College of Tourism, Rikkyo University, Japan

    Many academic books claim to be "readable." Few are actually a good read, but this one really is. It’s lucid, focused essay covers the high-flyers, and low-flyers in global migration, and provide detailed descriptions, as well as, clear summaries of the economic, cultural, legal and political contexts of globalization and migration. This is a perfect introductory volume for undergraduate students, and an excellent companion to more traditional readers on global migration.

    -James Farrer, Global Studies, Sophia University

    The issues surrounding immigration are often complex, but in Migration, Incorporation, and Change in an Interconnected World Ali and Hartmann have produced a quite accessible and persuasive analysis of this global phenomenon. Students of the field, at different levels, will find the book very useful.

    -Milton Vickerman, Sociology, University of Virginia