1st Edition

Migration Politics across the World

Edited By Katharina Natter, Hélène Thiollet Copyright 2024

    This book breaks new ground in scholarship on the politics of migration. The edited volume brings together in-depth case studies from Argentina, Tunisia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, the Philippines, China, and Saudi Arabia to showcase the complex interplay between migration politics and broader dynamics of regime change, state formation, and nation-state ideology.

    Challenging conventional wisdom, we reveal that political systems—whether liberal or illiberal, democratic or authoritarian—do not rigidly dictate migration politics. Instead, migration politics and political regimes co-produce one another. Our exploration delves into the roles of civil society, legal actors, employers, and international norms across diverse political contexts and bridges conversations around immigration and emigration politics.

    Uncovering unexpected similarities in migration policies across different political regimes at a time when states are increasingly adopting illiberal practices, this collection is essential for political scientists, sociologists, and migration scholars seeking a fresh perspective. Migration Politics Across the World offers an ideal vantage point for understanding the role of migration in state transformations and political changes around the world.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Third World Quarterly.

    Introduction—Theorising migration politics: do political regimes matter?

    Katharina Natter and Hélène Thiollet


    1. When the stars aligned: ideational strategic alliances and the critical juncture of Argentina’s 2004 Migration Law

    Susanne Melde and Luisa Feline Freier


    2. Tunisia’s migration politics throughout the 2011 revolution: revisiting the democratisation–migrant rights nexus

    Katharina Natter


    3. The side doors of immigration: multi-tier migration regimes in Japan and South Korea

    Erin Aeran Chung


    4. Norm-busting: rightist challenges in US and Australian immigration and refugee policies

    David Scott FitzGerald and Asher Hirsch


    5. The ‘gold standard’ for labour export? The role of civil society in shaping multi-level Philippine migration policies

    Stefan Rother


    6. Across the conceptual divide? Chinese migration policies seen through historical and comparative lenses

    Els van Dongen


    7. Migrants and monarchs: regime survival, state transformation and migration politics in Saudi Arabia

    Hélène Thiollet


    Katharina Natter is Assistant Professor at the Leiden Institute of Political Science, The Netherlands. She earned degrees at SciencesPo Paris and the University of Amsterdam. Her book The Politics of Immigration Beyond Liberal States was published in 2023.

    Hélène Thiollet is a CNRS permanent researcher at Sciences Po CERI (Center for International Studies), France. Her research deals with the politics of migration and asylum in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. She co-edited the Research Handbook on the Institutions of Global Migration Governance with Antoine Pécoud in 2023.