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Migration and Education

About the Series

This book series examines issues of rights, (in)equalities and social justice in the analysis of education, migration and displacement. Set within the wider context of rising levels of global migration at a time of profound social, environmental and economic change, the series explores the reproductive power and positioning of education as a source of risk as well as opportunity for migrant and refugee children.

The series places a particular emphasis on the voices of those often marginalised in debates and policy analysis: migrant and refugee children, their families and educators across the education system. Through engagement with a range of theoretical and methodological frameworks the series will explore these multiple dynamics and positionings both across country/educational contexts as well as within migrant/refugee communities in both the global north and global south.

The series welcomes authored or edited contributions in topics relevant to migration and education, including topics such as inclusion and exclusion, racism and privilege, lived experiences of migrants, educational policy, pedagogical challenges and the role of schools as often contradictory sites in the realisation of internationally upheld rights for migrant and refugee children.

To discuss submitting a book for the series, please contact Dympna Devine ([email protected]) or Nihad Bunar ([email protected]) or Halleli Pinson ([email protected]).

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