1st Edition

Migration and Intercultural Psychoanalysis Unconscious Forces and Clinical Issues

Edited By Kristin White, Ina Klingenberg Copyright 2021
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    How does migration affect us in the deeper layers of our minds, where forces are at work that affect our mental and physical health, our experiences in the world and our behaviour? 

    This edited volume brings together contributions on the social, historical and personal aspects of migration from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Clinical perspective is combined with a wider view that makes use of psychoanalytic concepts and experience to understand problematic issues around migration today. Later chapters take the historical background into account: the history of psychoanalysis itself is a history of migration, beginning with Freud’s experiences of migration, in particular his escape from Vienna to London at the end of his life, to answer questions regarding migration, refugees, living in a 'multicultural society' and living in a 'foreign culture'.

    Taking on the challenge of looking at the multi-layered, often subtle, yet powerful emotional and unconscious layers of meaning around migration, this book brings together practice and theory and will be of great interest to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and those with an interest in the working of the mind in an intercultural context.

    Introduction: Kristin White and Ina Klingenberg

    • Migration and loss in a globalised world
    • Migration in the first generation of psychoanalysts

    Part I. Migration and defensive organisations

    Chapter 1. M. Fakhry Davids: Ethnic purity, otherness and anxiety: the model of internal racism

    Chapter 2. Kristin White: Migration, loss and psychic retreat

    Chapter 3. Monika Huff-Müller: Once around the world - the denial of traumatisation in the globalised, post-modern world

    Part II. Languages, symbols and internal space

    Chapter 4. Ilany Kogan: Romania and its unresolved mourning

    Chapter 5. Nadja Gogolin: Tolerance for non-understanding: understanding and its limits – the confusion of tongues

    Part III. Past generations, past worlds and the struggles of the patient in the present

    Chapter 6. Tülay Özbek: The tale of those who went forth: on the inner experience of migration and forced migration

    Chapter 7. Cecilia Enriquez de Salamanca: Rites of passage in migration and adolescence: struggling in transformation

    Chapter 8. Ina Klingenberg: Psychoanalysis in exile: early migration in the shadow of the Holocaust and the psychoanalytic study group in Prague



    Kristin White is a psychoanalyst working with adults and children in her practice in Berlin, Germany. She is also a training analyst, lecturer and supervisor at the Alfred Adler training institute for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Berlin and a training member of the German Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (DGPT).

    Ina Klingenberg is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in Berlin, Germany. She took her psychoanalytic training in Berlin and Michigan and has a Masters in Psychoanalytic Cultural Science, Humboldt University. She has worked in cooperation with various organisations that provide support for refugees and migrants and is a trainee member of the German psychoanalytic associations DPG and DGPT.