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Migrations in South Asia

About the Series

This Series interrogates contemporary forms of migrations in the region shaped by colonial pasts of several South Asian countries and present global economic and political forces. The volumes in the Series intersect with various dimensions of migration such as gender, economic disparity, cross-border movements, citizenship, nativism, conflicts, identity, and religion. They engage with labour processes, urbanisation, agrarian relations, climate change, displacement, neoliberal developmentalism, and state policies. Using transdisciplinary perspectives, the Series intervenes in the socio-economic and cultural aspects of migration, histories, networks, linkages, disruptions, social movements, mutations in social relations, new technologies of migrants’ enumeration and surveillance, and changing paradigm of government and politics in the countries of South Asia. The Series also aims to study the dynamics of international migration in and out of the region.

The Series will provide a platform for scholars in the South Asia region working on Migration Studies to share their work and create a vibrant research collective, thereby enriching and diversifying the field. The books in the series will be of interest to those in migration and refugee studies, development studies, social work, political economy, political studies, sociology and social anthropology, gender studies, contemporary history, South Asian Studies and Global South studies.

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Home, Belonging and Memory in Migration Leaving and Living

Home, Belonging and Memory in Migration: Leaving and Living

1st Edition


Edited By Sadan Jha, Pushpendra Kumar Singh
September 10, 2021

This volume explores ideas of home, belonging and memory in migration through the social realities of leaving and living. It discusses themes and issues such as locating migrant subjectivities and belonging; sociability and wellbeing; the making of a village; bondage and seasonality; dislocation ...

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