1st Edition

Mile-High Views Surveying the Serials Vista: NASIG 2006

Edited By Carol Ann Borchert, Gary W Ives Copyright 2007
    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    Discover the latest developments in serials publication

    Current advances in technology and research have triggered accelerating change in the state of serials, which makes keeping up-to-date on developments difficult. Mile-High Views: Surveying the Serials Vista: NASIG 2006 presents the leaders of serials publication providing their perspectives on the state of the world on the future of serials. This compilation includes several superb presentations from the 21st annual North American Serials Interest Group conference held in Denver, Colorado, in May, 2006.

    Mile-High Views: Surveying the Serials Vista: NASIG 2006 explores serials publication through helpful reviews of cataloging and techniques for implementing various projects. Also included are chapters exploring visions for the future, strategies for practical application of technology and theory, and tactical information to manage employees and economic resources. This book brings readers the world of serials as it is today—and as it will be in the future.

    Topics in Mile-High Views: Surveying the Serials Vista: NASIG 2006 include:

    • basic and advanced serials cataloging
    • electronic resource license language
    • implementing an institutional repository (IR)
    • impact of digitizing serials in the next ten years
    • details about the success in digitizing Colorado’s Historic Newspaper Collection
    • evolving roles in the digital communication system
    • review of the various uses of FRBR
    • alternative citation sources beyond the Web
    • blogs, wikis, and podcasts
    • managing personnel
    • resource description and access (RDA)
    • vendor-sponsored training
    • electronic resource management (ERM) systems
    • practices and principles of good project management
    • Open Access publishing collection development
    • print and online journal cost comparisons
    • and more!

    Mile-High Views: Surveying the Serials Vista: NASIG 2006 is a horizon-expanding collection that is perfect for librarians, publishers, and commercial vendors interested in the future of serials publication.

    • Introduction
    • Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop (Joseph P. Hinger, Presenter, Kevin Petsche, Recorder)
    • Advanced Serials Cataloging Workshop (Steve Shadle, Presenter, Amanda Lin Louie, Recorder)
    • Mapping License Language for Electronic Resource Management (Tim Jewell, Trisha L. Davis, and Diane Grover, Presenters, Jill E. Grogg, Recorder)
    • How to Implement an Institutional Repository (Carol Hixson, Presenter, Linda Cracknell, Recorder)
    • Things Fall Apart (Robin Sloan, Presenter, Pat Howe, Recorder)
    • All the News That’s Fit to Digitize: Creating Colorado’ Historic Newspaper Collection (Brenda Bailey-Hainer, Presenter, Sarah Sutton, Recorder)
    • What’s a Serial When You’re Running on Internet Time? (T. Scott Plutchak, Presenter)
    • FRBR in the Real World (Paul J. Weiss and Steve Shadle, Presenters)
    • Small and Medium Publishers in an E-World: Thinking Outside the Box (Ezra T. Ernst, Zac Rolnik, and Sean O’Doherty, Presenters)
    • The Changing Landscape of Serials: Open Access Journals in the Public Catalog (Krista Schmidt and Nancy Newsome, Presenters)
    • The UC/JSTOR Paper Repository: Progress Thus Far (Colleen Carlton, John Kiplinger, Nancy Kushigian, and Jeff Sundquist, Presenters)
    • Envisioning the Future of ERM Systems (Theodore A. Fons and Timothy D. Jewell, Presenters)
    • Journal Pricing 10 Years Later (Robert Boissy, Tina Feick, and Leslie Knapp, Presenters)
    • Getting from Here to There, Safely: Library Strategic Planning for the Transition Away from Print Journals (Roger C. Schonfeld, Presenter)
    • The State of Scholarly Communications: An Environmental Scan of Emerging Issues, Pitfalls, and Possibilities (Lee C. Van Orsdel, Presenter)
    • How Did We Ever Manage Without the OpenURL? (Nettie Lagace and Janet K. Chisman, Presenters)
    • Mountains, Valleys, and Pathways: Serials Users’ Needs and Steps to Meet Them
    • Part I: Identifying Serials Users’ Needs: Preliminary Analysis of Focus Group and Semi-Structured Interviews at Colleges and Universities (Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Presenter)
    • Mountains, Valleys, and Pathways: Serials Users’ Needs and Steps to Meet Them
    • Part II: Steps to Meet Serials Users’ Needs: The Access Level Record for Serials, and ISSN Revision (Regina Romano Reynolds, Presenter)
    • E-Resources=E-Opportunity: Connecting Systems, Technical Services and Patrons (Sharon Wiles-Young and Betty Landesman, Presenters, Lori J. Terrill, Recorder)
    • Crawling Out of the Web: Alternative Citation Sources (Deborah Lee, Presenter, Lisa S. Blackwell, Recorder)
    • Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts: Social Software in the Library (Abigail Bordeaux, Presenter, Morag Boyd, Recorder)
    • Climbing Peaks and Navigating Valleys: Managing Personnel from High Altitude (Jeff Slagell, Presenter, Joe Holtermann, Recorder)
    • Old Is New Again: Using Established Workflows to Handle Electronic Resources (Amanda Yesilbas, Presenter, Becky Schwartzkopf, Recorder)
    • The Shape of Things to Come: Resource Description and Access (RDA) (Ed Jones, Presenter, Patrick L. Carr, Recorder)
    • To Train or Not to Train? (Rick Anderson and Kittie Henderson, Presenters, Masha Sapp, Recorder)
    • Electronic Resource Management (Janet Chisman and Greg Matthews, Presenters, Chris Brady, Recorder)
    • Linking the Library and Campus Course Management System (Claire Dygert, Presenter, Paul Moeller, Recorder)
    • Tackling the Reorganization Chart (Serenity King and Mona Metcalf, Presenters, Molly Larkin, Recorder)
    • Mile High to Ground Level: Getting Projects Organized and Completed (Jennifer L. Marill, Presenter, Marcella Lesher, Recorder)
    • Generating E-Collections Lists for Dummies: Creating a Better Electronic Reference Collection (Tara Baillargeon, Mohan Ramaswamy, and Char Simser, Presenters, Kathryn Johns-Masten


    Carol Ann Borchert, MLS, MA, BBA, has been the Coordinator for Serials at University of South Florida (USF) since 2004. Previously, she was in the Reference and Government Documents departments at USF, and in the Cataloging, Serials, Reference, and Government Documents departments at Furman University’s James B. Duke Library. She has been an active member of NASIG since 2004, with service on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

    Gary Ives, MLS, BA, has been the Assistant Director of Acquisitions and Coordinator of Electronic Resources at Texas A&M University Libraries in Texas since 2001. Previously he served as Associate Director for Information Resources at the Medical Sciences Library, at Texas A&M University. He has previously been with the Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University, the Moody Medical Library, University of Texas at Galveston; the University Library, University of Texas at El Paso; and the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia. He has been an active member of NASIG since 2002.