1st Edition

Military Mayhem

Edited By Raymond Horricks Copyright 1989

    'Military Mayhem' is an anthology of writings on the British Military by Kipling, Wyndham Lewis, Robert Graves, T.E. Lawrence, Evelyn Waugh, John Betjeman and Ernest Hemingway to name a few.

    The General: Siegfried Sassoon, 19th Century Mayhem: Shillin’ A Day Rudyard Kipling, Against Infection And The Hand Of War, The War To End All Wars 1914-18: from Blasting And Bombardiering, from Goodbye To All That, The M.O. Visits, A Rum Do, from The Blocking Of Zeebrugge, Sir Archibald Hurd, The Kaiser’s Realistic Dream, from A Touch Of Genius -The Life Of T.E Lawrence, ‘In The Guardroom ’from The Mint, Louse Hunting, Marching, At All Costs, Gallipoli, A Drink’s A Drink, A Period On The Passchendale Ridge, The Retreat From Caporetto, Armistice Day, 1918; Mayhem in Peacetime: from Wingate In Peace And War,Maj-Gen, The Raincoat, Trench Digging, A World in Turmoil 1939-45: Basic Defence, R.A.M.C. , Dakar, The RAF Regiment, The Invaders, The Guard, All Clear, Joining Up, Jungle Horticulture, Float, Damn You, Float, Bribery and Corruption, A Troopship In The Tropics, To A Comrade In Arms, from ffundamental ffolkes, Wrong Target, ‘Via Rasella : Marisa, Italy 'from Women In War, A Visit From The Quality, Love And War In The Appenines, Invasion Exercise On The Poultry Farm, Slapton Sands, Aircrew, Second Autumn Patrick Savage, Those Were The Days, My Friend, Dabs And Flounders, From Women In War Never Try To Be Clever With The Army, Military Manoeuvre, After The Final Victory, The Veterans, ‘Epilogue from Sword Of Honour Evelyn Across The River And Into The Ritz Peter Lennon, Modern Mayhem; 1945 Onwards, Rubbish, Snowflakes & Sandcastles, Indonesian Confrontation, From A Message From The Falklands, Epilogue : Robert Capa : Images Of War, Coda


    Raymond Horricks