1st Edition

Military Metallurgy

By Alistair Doig Copyright 1999
    152 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book gives a broad based view of metals in military service, covering several examples and rationales. It is useful for the militarist and for the metallurgist or materials scientist. The content of the book is based on course notes compiled for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

    1. Introduction to Metallurgy and Materials Selection, and Why is most military hardware metallic? 2. Brass and Steel Cartridge Cases, and some background non-ferrous metallurgy 3. Steel Shell Bodies - High Explosive Squash Head, and some background ferrous metallurgy 4. Steel Gun Barrels 5. Heavy Metal Kinetic Energy Penetrators 6. Copper Shaped Charge Penetrators 7. Ferrous Fragmenting Projectiles 8. Steel Armour for Main Battle Tanks and the Milne de Marre Graph 9. Aluminium Alloy Armour for Light Armoured Vehicles 10. Alloys for Military Bridges 11. Alloys for Gun Carriages and Tank Track Links 12. Dynamic Behaviour of Alloys at High Strain Rate