Military Pyrotechnics : Principles and Practices book cover
1st Edition

Military Pyrotechnics
Principles and Practices

ISBN 9780367554118
Published December 14, 2021 by CRC Press
636 Pages 222 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book covers military pyrotechnics characteristics, sensitivity, combustion, performance parameters, ingredients and their behaviour, various pyrotechnic compositions and their manufacturing methods, filling, pressing and assembly of ammunition and so forth. Divided into two broader sections, namely military pyrotechnic compositions and military pyrotechnic ammunitions and devices, it provides full spectrum of military pyrotechnics and a guide for all personnel involved with management of military pyrotechnic ammunitions and devices in design, production, inspection, training, and use.


*Answers "know what", "know why "and "know how" of pyrotechnic compositions and pyrotechnic ammunitions and devices

* Explains various concepts and mechanisms of the military pyrotechnics

*Deliberates on role and characteristics of pyrotechnic compositions and its classification

*Discusses various factors affecting performance and some differences in military pyrotechnics

* Describes various methods of initiation of ignition in ammunition

*Elucidates basic requirements of pyrotechnic ammunitions, its development and life cycle of ammunition lots 

* Provides classification, division, shelf life, compatibility and nomenclature of ammunitions and devices 

*Reviews test/proof requirements of ammunitions and devices, deployment and functioning, defect classification, sampling plan and acceptance criteria

*Explores latest trends in 'green pyrotechnics' for environment- friendly military pyrotechnics




Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Introduction

Chapter 2.Pyrotechnic Composition Sensitivity

Chapter 3.Combustion of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Chapter 4.Factors Affecting Pyrotechnic Performance

Chapter 5.Determination of Performance Parameters

Chapter 6.Ingredients of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Chapter 7.Manufacture of Pyrotechnic Compositions

Chapter 8.Illuminating Compositions

Chapter 9.Signalling Flare Compositions

Chapter 10.Tracer Compositions

Chapter 11.Photoflash Compositions

Chapter 12.Screening Smoke Compositions

Chapter 13.Signalling Colour Smoke Compositions

Chapter 14.Riot Control Compositions

Chapter 15.Incendiary Compositions

Chapter 16.Simulating Compositions

Chapter 17.Delay Compositions

Chapter 18.Infrared Flare Compositions

Chapter 19.Priming and Booster Compositions

Chapter 20.Flame and Smoke Compositions

Chapter 21.Gunpowder Compositions

Chapter 22.Initiating of Igition in Ammunition

Chapter 23.Pyrotechnic Ammunition Manufacture

Chapter 24.Filling, Pressing and Assembly

Chapter 25.Sealing of Pyrotechnic Ammunitions

Chapter 26.Painting, Marking, Packing and Storage

Chapter 27.Classification, Shelf Life and Compatibility

Chapter 28.Classification and Nomenclature

Chapter 29.Proof of Pyrotechnic Ammunitions

Chapter 30.Illuminating Ammunitions

Chapter 31.Photoflash Ammunitions

Chapter 32.Screening Smoke Ammunitions

Chapter 33.Signalling Ammunitions

Chapter 34.Incendiary Ammunitions

Chapter 35.Riot Control Devices/Ammunitions

Chapter 36.Training /Practice Ammunitions

Chapter 37.Distress Signalling Devices

Chapter 38.Simulating Ammunitions

Chapter 39.Infrared Flare Ammunitions

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Dr. Ajoy. K. Bose was born on 25th June 1949 at Allahabad, UP, India. He obtained Masters of Science in Physical Chemistry in 1970 and Doctorate in Chemistry for his thesis "Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation by Chloramine-T" in 1974 from Allahabad University, Allahabad U.P. (India) and published 13 scientific papers in International Journals. He got associated with explosives and ammunition Industry in 1975 under Ministry of Defence Production, Government of India by joining as Assistant Manager (Probation) under Directorate General, Indian 0rdnance Factories.

The author had the privilege to work in ammunition and explosive industry for over 34 years (including 8 years exclusively in pyrotechnic ammunition industry) during which he was involved with production, Quality control and research and development of various ammunitions. He was deeply involved in solving a large number of teething technical problems in ammunition manufacture and product improvement through innovations in processes and materials over the years. During his career, author has worked in various ammunition, explosive and propellant factories in India. During these years, the author had close interactions with various ammunition and explosive factories, inspectorates and controllerates of quality assurance (for army, navy, air force and para military force) and military explosives as well as various proof establishments and defence research and development organisation.

The author is recipient of prestigious awards like "Ayudh Bhushan" for his outstanding services in solving technical problems in production and product improvements. The author was involved with design of igniter and Ordnance Factory Dehuroad received citation "Raksha Mantri award for Excellence 2007-08 for Design Efforts" - for Design of Igniter under Ministry of Defence (Production) and cash award by India’s Defence Minister in 2009. The author received citation and cash award from DGOF and Chairman/OFB for design of above igniter.

The factory during his tenure as General Manager (HAG) received the "Raksha Mantri Award for Excellence 2008-09 for Best Performing Factory of OFB" from Ministry of Defence production. He contributed significantly for the factory in achieving again the "Raksha Mantri Award for Excellence 2009-10 for Best Performing Factory of OFB" during his part tenure prior to retirement.

He retired from service as General Manager (HAG) of one of the Asia’s biggest pyrotechnic factory at Pune in India.