1st Edition

Millennium Development Goals Looking Beyond 2015

Edited By Matthew Clarke, Simon Feeny Copyright 2013

    In the year 2000, the international community agreed to a framework to address global poverty. This framework, known as the Millennium Development Goals, was time-bound with an end date of 2015. With this end now in sight, the international community is focusing on the achievement of these goals. However, it is also very important that consideration now turns to what will follow the MDGs after 2015.

    Millennium Development Goals: Looking Beyond 2015 provides a critical analysis of the MDGs and discusses a range of issues that must be considered by the international community in determining what poverty alleviation framework might replace the MDGs. This reflection is made even more imperative as the poverty landscape has shifted considerably since these original goals were made.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy.

    1. Old Challenges and New Opportunities for the MDGs: Now and Beyond 2015 Matthew Clarke, Deakin University, Australia and Simon Feeny, RMIT University, Australia

    2. A Fresh Look at the MDGs Jan Vandemoortele, Independent Consultant

    3. All the world's a stage’: Structure, Agency and Accountability in International Aid Gerhard Hoffstaedter, La Trobe University, Australia and Chris Roche, Oxfam Australia

    4. Cultivating Model Developing Citizens: Exposing the Grassroots to the MDG Tanya Jakimow, CSIRO, Australia

    5. The MDGs and the Incomplete Relationship between Development and Foreign Aid Thomas W D Davis, University of Melbourne, Australia

    6. The MDGs in Myanmar: Relevant or Redundant? Anthony Ware, Deakin University, Australia

    7. Maternal Health in Lao PDR: Repositioning the Goal Posts Anna Scopaz, Liz Eckermann and Matthew Clarke, Deakin University, Australia


    Matthew Clarke is Associate Professor and Head of the School of International and Political Studies at Deakin University, Australia.

    Simon Feeny is Associate Professor in the School of Economic, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, Australia.

    'Overall, Millennium Development Goals: Looking Beyond 2015 is an interesting and well-organized look at the successes, failures, and challenges that have emerged out of the MDG movement in the Asia-Pacific region. This reviewer warmly recommends Millennium Development Goals: Looking Beyond 2015 as a valuable resource.' - Thomas Glendinning, African Review of Economics and Finance