1st Edition

Mind, Language and Morality Essays in Honor of Mark Platts

    206 Pages
    by Routledge

    206 Pages
    by Routledge

    Mark Platts is responsible for the first systematic presentation of truth-conditional semantics and for turning a generation of philosophers on to the Davidsonian program. He is also a pioneer in discussions of moral realism, and has made important contributions to bioethics, the philosophy of human rights and moral responsibility. This book is a tribute to Platts’s pioneering work in these areas, featuring contributions from number of leading scholars of his work from the US, UK and Mexico. It features replies to the individual essays from Platts, as well as a concluding chapter reflecting on his philosophical career from Oxford to Mexico City. Mind, Language and Morality will be of interest to philosophers across a wide range of areas, including ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of law, and philosophy of language.

    Preface Gustavo Ortiz-Millán and Juan Antonio Cruz Parcero

    1. Ways of Meaning and Knowing Moral Realities Barry Stroud

    2. Platts on Kant and Mandeville Ralph Walker

    3. Wrong Direction: A Criticism of Direction of Fit Gustavo Ortiz-Millán

    4. Equality as a Foundation of Ethics James Griffin

    5. Inflation or Deflation of Rights? Rodolfo Vázquez

    6. The Debate on Abuse of the Concept of Human Rights Juan Antonio Cruz Parcero

    7. Convergence or Divergence in the Evolution of (Criminal) Rights? A Case Study of the Multiple Incoherencies of the Presumption of Innocence Larry Laudan

    8. Wittgenstein on Rule Following; Some Themes and Some Reactions Paul Snowdon

    9. Kantian Neuroscience and Radical Interpretation: Ways of Meaning in the Bayesian Brain Jim Hopkins

    10. Reflections and Replies Mark Platts

    11. Philosophical Life Mark Platts


    Gustavo Ortiz-Millán is Professor of Philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He works primarily on ethics, including moral psychology and applied ethics, philosophy of mind and action.

    Juan Antonio Cruz Parcero is Professor of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).