276 Pages 123 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    276 Pages 123 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This popular learning and revision aid is designed specifically to help medical students memorise essential clinical facts, invaluable throughout medical studies and particularly useful in the pressured run-up to final exams. Over 100 maps are organised by body system, and include disease definitions and descriptions, pathophysiology, causes, risk factors, investigations, treatments and complications where relevant and applicable.

    Key features:

    • Proven – new edition of this very well-received and successful book which has helped thousands of medical students around the world to exam success using mind maps, an established tool in education and known to improve memory recall
    • Flexible – ideal primer when coming to a topic for the first time, when reviewing it at the end of a module or attachment, and for making project and revision plans
    • Adaptable – use the maps in the book directly, as a guide to prepare your own or a supplement to personal notes
    • Systems-based – in line with medical course structure
    • Current – thoroughly revised and updated incorporating the latest clinical guides with many maps new to this edition including Breast Disease and expanded coverage of Rheumatological, Haematological and Endocrine conditions

    Chapter 1: The cardiovascular system

    Chapter 2: The respiratory system

    Chapter 3. GI system

    Chapter 4. Renal

    Chapter 5. Endocrine

    Chapter 6. Neurology

    Chapter 7. Haematology

    Chapter 8. Rheumatology

    Chapter 9. Infectious disease

    Chapter 10. Reproductive system

    Chapter 11. Embryology

    Chapter 12. Genetic disorders

    Appendix 1

    Appendix 2



    Olivia Smith is a Core Surgical Trainee, Severn School of Surgery, UK.

    ‘From Amazon reviews of the first edition:

    "If you find pages and pages of text can be overwhelming try these mind maps - they are logical and easy to follow."

    "…great if you need a quick refresher or if you're not sure about the things you need to know about for a certain condition."

    "VERY useful. I love to study using mind maps... I normally do my own, but having them already done is fantastic! And with reliable information!"

    "…this book is AMAZING. It is a brilliant revision tool that has saved me tons of time."

    "very concise but explains in sufficient detail, would 100% recommend this book"’