1st Edition

Mind Over Matter A scientist's view of the paranormal

By Kit Pedler Copyright 1981

    First published in 1981, Mind Over Matter stems from Kit Pedler’s TV series of the same name and is an engrossing, open-minded survey of all aspects of the paranormal. It controversially suggests that metal-bending, telepathy, precognition and out-of-body experiences may not after all be the domain of frauds alone. Although criticised over the years, the book still fills the readers with creativity and wonder, and maybe even provides some explanation for inexplicable events in life.

    Acknowledgements Illustrations Introduction 1. Evidence, Experiments and Bigots 2. Physics: Sense and Nonsense 3. Things Remotely Seen 4. Elastic Time and the Patent Clerk 5. Mind Talk 6. The Clock that Drooped 7. Spoon Benders and Others 8. Realities that Failed 9. The ‘I’ that I Think With 10. Minds on a Journey 11. Sheep, Goats and Philip 12. Healers, Hands and Doctors 13. The Whole is Greater than the Parts 14. Ways of Knowing Index


    Kit Pedler