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1st Edition

Mindful Business Leadership

ISBN 9781138301115
Published September 19, 2017 by Routledge
134 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Mindful Business Leadership presents a new model of leadership. It introduces ten very different leadership roles that are required to meet the challenges of modern business. Memorable metaphors and images are created for each, and they are placed in a matrix. Readers are shown how to develop these roles within themselves. Potentially negative aspects of each are discussed, along with material on how to put these to creative use. The book argues that mindfulness is the best way to balance the roles – a mindful leader will know ‘who to be’ in any situation. The last part is taken up with clear, practical exercises that readers can practice to become more fully mindful and develop a clear vision for their own leadership.

Mindful Business Leadership is relevant to anyone, anywhere in the world, who is moving (or wishes to move) to a position of leadership.

Table of Contents




Part 1 – Nine Elements of Leadership

Part 2 – The Tenth Element: Mindfulness. Using the Right Element at the Right Time

Part 3 –Mindfulness Workbook

Part 4 – Mission and Vision Workbook

Part 5 – Appendices

A. Beliefs that hold you back

B. Psychology: TA, NLP and the NLP Matrix Coach


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Robbie Steinhouse has many years’ experience of business leadership, coaching and NLP training. He is Chairman of Gray’s Inn Group, the property and insurance businesses he founded in 1987. He is an ICF certified coach and managing director of the Coaching Consultancy. He is a certified NLPU and ANLP Master NLP Trainer and head of training at NLP School in London. As an executive coach, leadership and NLP trainer, he has worked with numerous clients across the world in business, government and the third sector including Accenture, BNP Paribas, Bank of England, BBC, Coca Cola, Disney Corp, HSBC, KPMG, NHS, Rolls Royce, Tesco, Vodafone, the UN and the Red Cross. Robbie is the author of Think Like an Entrepreneur, Brilliant Decision Making, How to Coach with NLP and Making Effective Decisions, which have been translated into seven foreign language editions.


‘In his book Mindful Business Leadership, Robbie has created an easy to use matrix with nine unique archetypes guiding you through the skills of being a leader. I especially like Robbie’s idea of the conductor, a mindful personal advisor offering guidance to use the right archetype at the right time. Not naturally mindful? Don’t worry – Robbie has got you covered with many different techniques you can practice.’ — Dominic Lynch, Learning and Development Manager, Central London Hotels, Starwood Group

‘Insightful, exciting and transformational on many levels. Steinhouse’s Leadership Matrix takes us on an extraordinary journey to help unlock true leadership potential.’ — Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder & CEO, Key4life

‘Robbie Steinhouse is a rare breed: a leadership expert who actually is an experienced business leader.’ — Frank Pennal, Chief Executive Officer, Property / Banking Division, Close Brothers Group PLC

‘Robbie Steinhouse’s Mindful Business Leadership could do for business leadership what Steven Covey’s Seven Habits did for personal development.

Steinhouse is a highly successful entrepreneur & business leader. He is also a world authority on NLP. In this book he combines real-world business know-how with deep insight into what makes business leaders tick. The result is an important book for anyone who wants to do better at building and leading a business.

Mindful Business Leadership clearly explains the ten elements of leadership in the Leadership Matrix model. It describes instantly recognisable archetypes and their shadows, and explores how these archetypes can be used to develop a more flexible and effective leadership style. The second half of the book provides detailed practical exercises and guides about how to apply the Leadership Matrix personally to become a more successful and engaging leader.

Steinhouse is expert at taking complex ideas and presenting them in a clear and accessible way, without diminishing their power. With personal anecdotes, wide-ranging references, meticulous research and its author’s mastery of psychology, Mindful Business Leadership is a rich new resource that will help anyone who wants to improve their leadership in business and beyond.’ — Francis Currie, Content Director, Wireless Group – inc. Virgin Radio, talkSport & talkRadio

‘This strikes me as an excellent book, written with intelligence, clarity and eloquence, combining cutting-edge ideas with timeless wisdom and plain old common sense. It draws on the author’s wealth of experience both as a coach and as a businessman. It will be of use to leaders in all fields seeking to deepen their understanding of the role and to overcome hidden barriers to success.’ — Professor Jose Zalabardo, Head of Department, Department of Philosophy, UCL

‘Mindful Business Leadership by Robbie Steinhouse draws on a lot of experience and knowledge of the subject, and offers us a new model, using archetypes as a way to understand ourselves better as leaders and to bring more balance, awareness and presence not only into the context of leading but also the context of life. This is a wonderful and useful book, so needed in the world of organizations and business. The world will greatly benefit from the learning here.’ — Judith DeLozier, NLP founding member: creater of Six Step Reframing and Somatic Syntax, Co-author, Encyclopaedia of NLP

‘Robbie is that unusual combination of a successful business person and a philosopher. He has not only succeeded, but has asked, at a deep level, how he has done so. His answers are always insightful, often surprising and never dull.’ — Mike Southon, Author of The Beermat Entrepreneur

‘As an experienced business leader, it isn't often I am surprised by a business publication, but Robbie Steinhouse has achieved this here. The simplicity of the models allowed me to step back and reflect on my own style and self-awareness. As a result I have rebalanced archetypes, which is helping me to be a more effective leader. First class! I would recommend this book to any business leader.’ — Mark Cliff, Chairman and CEO, The Brightside Group

‘Mindful Business Leadership offers a unique and important look at leadership – viewing the multiple roles that are required to be effective in business, and offering mindfulness as a crucial way to keep all of the roles balanced. Here, the nine roles that leaders play are made memorable by connecting each with an archetype. Here too, Robert calls for a mindful balance by pointing out the shadow side of each and how leadership can go wrong. The book ends with many practical exercises for mindfulness.’ — L. Michael Hall, PhD, Author of Unleashing Leadership and Collaborative Leadership

‘Mindful Business Leadership is a clear and insightful guide to improving your performance as a business leader by focussing on the things that matter. The Leadership Matrix model is particularly powerful in developing understanding of successful leadership.’ — Noel McGonigle, HR Director, UK and Europe, Savills

‘The new book by Robbie offers a practical guide to business acumen for business leaders from a business leader. It is sharp, fun to read and concise. The matrix of leadership roles is just brilliant. Overall, the book is an excellent development tool and an aide-memoire for any aspiring or seasoned business leader.’ Nikoloz Shurgaia, CEO, Nikoil Bank

‘This is another great book from Robbie, and one that anyone in business, whether currently working as an employee, manager, director or coach, will come back to time and time again. It's an excellent manual for developing your business leadership skills, for combining your intuition and business acumen, whilst being thoughtful, centred and avoiding burning out. Highly recommended.’ Phil Parker, Designer of The Lightning Process

‘This book combines many of the principles of the Hoffman Process: that we are made up of different, quite separate parts, and that with the power of mindful intent we can bring them to the fore to serve us best.’ — Serena Gordon, Managing Director and Co-founder, Hoffman UK

‘Robbie Steinhouse speaks from experience about the roles a leader needs to step into. You can't wait for "winter" to arrive to learn the multiple ways of thinking, acting and being that a leader needs to master. This book will guide you through the process, so that you can succeed at leading an organization, whatever the season.’ — Shelle Rose Charvet, Author of Words That Change Minds and The Customer is Bothering Me.

‘Mindful Business Leadership is a brilliant yet eminently practical book. Robbie Steinhouse wonderfully describes how effective leadership requires mastering different roles, each having its important counterpart, and each having both positive and negative forms. The most important skill is thus the mindfulness to balance and nimbly craft these complementary skills into a creative matrix. I found the book exceptionally helpful to both my personal and professional development, and I believe you will too.’ — Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of The Hero’s Journey

‘The model in this book is an ideal framework for thinking about the various aspects of leadership that can be applied in different circumstances. Robbie presented this at a previous Trust's leadership conference and got very positive feedback from health service leaders.’ Sue Sjuve, Chair, Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

‘As a senior leader you can focus all of your time and energy on your objectives, but forget to step back to gain perspective. The leadership course I attended under Robbie's tutelage allowed us to step back from the day to day and, with collegiate feedback, helped raise our awareness and hone our personal leadership skills.’ — Talbot A. Stark, CFA, Global Head of Institutional Sales, BNP PARIBAS Global Markets

‘Far from being only conceptual, Mindful Business Leadership provides enlightening keys which have been shaped by Robbie Steinhouse's personal experience and deep understanding of management behaviour. Whether you are a beginner or already advanced in your career, whether you want to start a journey towards leadership or because you are simply curious, this book will help you put words to many situations of your professional and personal life. This book will talk to you.’ — Xavier Domec, Senior Corporate Development Officer, BNP Paribas

‘With Mindful Business Leadership, Robbie Steinhouse presents a thought-provoking, instructional guide to those wishing to improve their leadership abilities through good old-fashioned self-study, reflection, and skills development. In his commitment to explore the question of what makes a great business leader, Steinhouse draws from his own experience as a business leader and professional coach—including years of continuing education, observation of and discussion with leaders from various environments, and disciplined study.

Mindful Business Leadership approaches effective leadership as a combination of genuine and thoughtful vision, character and deliberate development and balance of essential leadership traits or "capability sets". Steinhouse walks the reader through a logical and accessible matrix model of leadership with down-to-earth, practical advice, real-life examples and metaphors, and genuine encouragement and enthusiasm. As the title implies, the approach that Steinhouse outlines emphasizes and encourages the importance of mindfulness in the important, day-to-day work leaders carry out.

I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend Mindful Business Leadership as a valuable resource for leaders of all types and at all stages of their careers.’ — Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, Copyright Clearance Center

‘This book calls on giving thought to business leadership at a number of levels, be it for Talent, Coaches or Leaders themselves. It is a reference book I recommend keeping on your desk or even your nightstand, to consult whenever you wish to think before you act.’ — Yvon Doukhan, Head of Senior Management Training BNP Paribas (Previously Director, Secretary General of Arval and Member of Executive Committee – BNP Paribas Group)

‘Robbie's latest book manages to achieve what many other leadership books fail to do: interweave psychology with organisational design, practical application with deep philosophical insights. The imagery, stories, metaphors and personal experiences add to the rich texture of the book and leave the reader with a clear roadmap for leadership and its application both as a personal journey and as a highly practical business strategy. I have seen the benefits of the book on our Masters students who have now almost spontaneously developed a new language, frequently using terms like ‘Boss’ ‘Compass’ and ‘Fox’ from the model. The leadership matrix is highly accessible and intuitive and I am convinced that this book will create a popular movement for adopting leadership more widely.' — Paul Sternberg, Associate Dean, Head of Design Innovation, Ravensbourne

‘Robbie is like Alan Sugar meets the Dalai Lama! More seriously, this book provides a practical way for the 21st century leader to develop the diverse range of skills needed for success.’ — Julian Russell, Managing Director, PPD Consulting

‘Robbie Steinhouse has succeeded in providing business leaders with a unique and practical model to address day-to-day leadership challenges in his book, Mindful Business Leadership. It is excellent reference material for any leader or aspiring leader, highlighting the importance of making space for reflection and awareness of both self and the immediate environment, in order to achieve business and personal success.’ — Brendan Collins, HR Director, Mazars LLP

'Robbie once again offers an in-depth and comprehensive investigation into leadership, based on vast life experience. He brilliantly applies well-known NLP processes to business situations. Excellent diagrams complement and enhance the text, which will help the individual transform their leadership style, harnessing their ‘shadow’ qualities. Powerful analogies make reading and application of the text easy.

The workbooks on mindfulness and mission and vision help to centre the reader, and a ‘meaty’ appendices section adds psychological depth.

A highly recommended read for leaders of any sector – corporate, charity, services, entrepreneurs and students of life.' — Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, BCA Executive Director of 28 Too Many