1st Edition

Minds Unveiled Exploring the Effects of Generative AI on Business Behavior

Edited By Raul V. Rodriguez, Hemachandran K Copyright 2024
    288 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    288 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    This book demonstrates how generative AI, a form of sophisticated AI technology, is transforming our knowledge of how the human mind functions in relation to business leadership and decision-making. It describes the most recent findings and applications of generative AI in psychology. The book explains the relationships between language, thinking, and behavior as well as how artificial intelligence (AI) may aid in our understanding of learning, decision-making, and problem-solving. In addition, It discusses the significance of applying AI properly and ethically. This book provides a comprehensive overview of how AI is increasing our understanding of the mind and how it impacts each of us professionally.


    List of Contributors


    Chapter 1:  Introduction to Generative Al and Business Behaviour


     Dr. Mir Aadil, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Vinay Kumar Bodepu, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Vegi Dharshini, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Sri Durga, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.


    Chapter 2: Evaluation of Generative AI


    Teja Swarup, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Ravali Gogula, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Paduru Rama Krishna, Woxsen University, Hyderabad


    Chapter 3:  Generative AI and Consumer Behaviour


    Khant Mayank Rameshbhai, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Parth Prakash, Woxsen University, Hyderabad


    Chapter 4: AI and social Impact: A Business Perspective


    Rishab Jaishwal, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Rahul Kumar Gupta, Woxsen University, Hyderabad


    Chapter 5:  Customer Centric – AI solutions


    Ravuri Venkata Trinadh Reddy, Woxsen University, Hyderabad,

    Puvvaladasu M Sai Subrahmanya Krishna, Woxsen University, Hyderabad,

    Tugiti Praveen Kumar,  Woxsen University , Hyderabad,


    Chapter 6: Artificial Intelligence in Retail Marketing


    Dr. Arman Khan,  Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad, Pakistan.

    Prof. Dr. Abu bakar Abdul Hamid,  Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), Malaysia.

    Zahid Hussain,  Khadim Hussain Shah Institute of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.


    Chapter 07:   The Convergence of Generative AI and Ethical Considerations


    Purushottam Patnaik, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Akhilesh Sunkara, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Abbu Pravalika, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.


    Chapter 8:  Navigating the Ethical Landscape of Simulated Intelligence


    Akoparna Barman (Jain (Deemed-to-be) University)

    Dr. Kamalraj R. (Jain (Deemed-to-be) University)

    Dr. Mir Aadil (Woxen University)


    Chapter 9:  The Power of Personalization: Al-Driven Recommendations


    Anirudh Sai. V, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Anjali Perla, Woxsen University, Hyderabad

    Revanth Reddy, Woxsen University, Hyderabad


    Chapter 10:  Human-AI collaboration: Augmenting Creativity and Decision-making.


    Palagudi Venkata Deepak, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India

    Dr Mir Aadil, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India


    Chapter 11:  Innovative Product Design with Generative AI


    Adil Abdhul, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India

    Shashanka reddy, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India

    Riya ShamWoxsen University, Hyderabad, India

    Dr Mir Aadil, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India


    Chapter 12:  Mind the Gap: Bridging Success with AI in Marketing


     Dr Shruti Choudhary, Associate Professor, Woxsen University


    Chapter 13:  Reshaping Marketing Strategies using AI


    Vishnu Vardhan, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Sathwika Manthena, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Deepthi Reddy, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.


    Chapter 14: Impact of Generative AI on Customer Experience and Personalization in Retail sector


    Dr. J. Shanti (Amity University)


    Chapter 15:  AI and Social Impact in the Indian Financial Sector


    Dr. Bidisha Banerji, Amity University NOIDA

    Mr. S A Mokhtar Rizvi,  Amity University NOIDA


    Chapter 16:   Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector


     Anusha Siddadapu, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Ajay Midimalapu, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Ramkumar babu, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.


     Chapter 17:  Financial Forecasting and AI


    Dharla Dheeraj, Woxsen University, Hyderabad.

    Gomathy anamaneni,  Woxsen University, Hyderabad.


    Chapter 18 :  Empowering Discovery: The Intersection of AI and Healthcare Research


    Suraj Reddy, Woxsen University, Hyderabad,

    Shravya Goud,  Woxsen University, Hyderabad,

    Anish Reddy Peddi,  Woxsen University, Hyderabad,


    Chapter 19:  Radiant Horizons of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Customer-Centric Choices for Products: AI Solutions Path to Fueling Business towards Innovation Vague Futuristic Approach


    Bhupinder Singh (Professor, Sharda University, India)

    Christian Kaunert (Professor, Dublin City University, Ireland & University of South Wales UK)



    Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Woxsen University, and Dean of the School of Business at Woxsen University. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation applications in Human Resources. Fmr. Co-CEO at Irians Research Institute, a research institute specializing in the field of neuromarketing, AI, ML, market research, behavioral science, social research, and behavioral engineering. His areas of expertise and interest are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation, Multi-agent Systems, Knowledge Engineering, and Quantum Artificial Intelligence. He has experience and feels comfortable using Prolog, Java, C++, Python, R/RStudio, Julia, Swift, Scala, MySQL, and Spark, among others. He is a registered expert in Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Systems, and Multi-agent Systems at the European Commission, a nominee for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2020 list, and an awardee in the Europe India 40 Under 40 Leaders. Alongside this, he is a member of the GRLI Deans and Directors cohort. He has co-authored two reference books: "New Age Leadership: A Critical Insight" and "Retail Store" and has more than 70 publications to his credit. He is a weekly contributing writer to various magazines in the field of analytics and emerging technologies. Alongside this, he is a journal reviewer and associate editor in various publications such as IEEE. Dr. Hemachandran K has been a passionate teacher with 14 years of teaching experience and 5 years of research experience. A strong educational professional with a scientific bent of mind, highly skilled in AI & ML. After receiving a Ph.D. in the embedded system at Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute, India. He started doing interdisciplinary research in AI. An open-ended positive person who has stupendous peer-reviewed publication records with more than 20 journals and international conference publications. He served as an effective resource person at various national and international scientific conferences. His editorial skills made him include as an editorial board member in numerous reputed SCOPUS / SCI journals.