1st Edition

Minds and Bodies An Introduction with Readings

By Robert Wilkinson Copyright 2000

    Minds and Bodies is a clear introduction to the mind-body problem. It requires no prior philosophical knowledge and is ideally suited to newcomers to philosophy and philosophy of mind.
    Robert Wilkinson carefully introduces the fundamental components of the philosophy of mind: Descartes's dualist account of mind and body; monist views including eliminativism; computer science and artificial intelligence. Each chapter is linked to a reading from key thinkers in the field, from Descartes to Paul Churchland.

    1.Introduction 2. Dualism 3. Monism 4. Artificial Intelligence 5.Conclusion Readings: 1. 'Meditation I' René Descartes 2. 'Meditation II' René Descartes 3. 'Meditation VI' René Descartes 4. 'The passions of the soul', Part I, Articles 30, 31, 32, 34 René Descartes 5. 'Sensations and brain processes' J.J.C.Smart 6. 'The mind-body problem' Sydney Shoemaker 6. 'Eliminative materialism and the propositional attitudes' Paul M. Churchland 7. 'Is the brain's mind a computer program?' John R. Searle 8. 'Consciousness and the objective reality' Thomas Nagel Revision Test Answers to the Revision Test Bibliography Index


    Robert Wilkinson teaches at the Open University in Scotland. His previous publications include Thirty-five Oriental Philosophers (Routledge, 1994).