Minefill 2020-2021 : Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, 25-28 May 2021, Katowice, Poland book cover
1st Edition

Minefill 2020-2021
Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, 25-28 May 2021, Katowice, Poland

ISBN 9781032072036
Published June 3, 2021 by CRC Press
450 Pages 200 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The series of International Symposiums on Mining with Backfill explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of the application of mine fill, with many case studies from both underground and open-pit mines. Minefill attendees and the Proceedings book audience include mining practitioners, engineering students, operating and regulatory professionals, consultants, academics, researchers, and interested individuals and groups.
The papers presented at Minefill symposiums regularly offer the novelties and most modern technical solutions in technology, equipment, and research. In that way, the papers submitted for the Minefill Symposia represent the highest quality and level in the conference domain.
For the 2020-2021 edition organizers hope that the papers presented in this publication will also be received with interest by readers around the world, providing inspiration and valuable examples for industry and R&D research.

Table of Contents





Sponsor sessions

Efficient paste mix designs using new generation backfill admixtures – perception versus reality
F. Erismann & M. Hansson

Paste fill stiffness investigation
J. De Villiers Wickens & S. Wilson

Pulsation dampening systems for piston pumps operating at backfill installations
T. Lutz & P. Peschken

Paste quality control benchmarks
D. Stone

Using paste backfill for stabilizing underground stopes at the Giant Mine remediation project
B. Ting, D. Stone, K. Ruptash & B. Fabien

Investigation into the high transients experienced in Eleonore Mine’s pastefill distribution system
M. McGuinness, K. Creber, J. Jacobs & B. Haley

Paste backfill measurements and testing

The effect of curing conditions on the strength development of cemented backfill samples
B. Dennis & M. Helinski

Experimental investigation on shear strength properties of interface between backfill and rock
G. Liu, W. Wu, L. Guo, X. Yang & Z. Zhang

The concept of obtaining backfilling material using the dredging method
M. Gruszczyński, S. Czaban, & Sz. Zieliński

The properties of the backfill mixtures based on own fine-grained waste
R. Pomykała & W. Kępys

Cemented paste backfill failure envelope at low confining stress
M. Grabinsky & A. Pan

Cemented paste backfill response to isotropic pressure
M. Grabinsky & M. Jafari

Evaluating cemented paste backfill plug strength and the potential for continuous pouring
M. Grabinsky, B. Thompson & W. Bawden

Binders, admixtures, and other chemicals to improve fill performance

The influence of the flocculant on the process of thickening and depositing of copper ore flotation tailings
M. Gruszczyński, S. Czaban, R. Pratkowiecki, Z. Skrzypczak & P. Stefanek

Determining the required underground grout pack production profile for narrow tabular mining operations
B. van der Spuy

Rheological yield stress measurement of paste fill: new technical approaches
M. Silva, M. Hansson & M. Costa e Silva

Backfill reticulation: pumping, piping, hydraulic analyses

Automated backfill diverter valves at Kirkland Lake Gold Fosterville Mine improve safety and efficiency
R. Evans & G. Trinker

Filter revamping, the economic way to get old filters in tailings dewatering back on track
J. Hahn

Theoretical methods to improve the placement of paste backfill behind barricades
Ch. Lee

Laboratory testing on static and dynamic behaviours of backfill

A novel approach to assessing the early age strength of fibrecrete, using shear wave velocity
S. McGrath & M. Helinski

A design procedure for evaluation and prediction of in-situ cemented backfill performance
X. Wei & L. Guo

The uniaxial compressive strength of fiber-reinforced frozen backfill
H. Niu, F.P. Hassani, M.F. Kermani & M. He

Incorporating the monolithic nature of paste backfill into self-heating assessments
Ch. Lee, B. Timmis, D. Brown, V. Bertrand & M. Stewart

Minefill geomechanics, numerical modeling, mitigation of subsidence

DEM numerical modeling of longwall extraction of coal in “Mysłowice” colliery
G. Smolnik

Deformations of the mining area surface as a result of exploitation with sealing of caving gobs
V. Sokoła-Szewioła, A. Mierzejowska & M. Poniewiera

Geomechanical safety aspects in hard rocks mining based on room-and-pillar and longwall mining systems
W. Pytel, B. Pałac-Walko & P. Mertuszka

Legal, safety, and environmental drivers for backfill

Filling underground voids to prevent water hazards in active and decommissioned hard coal mines
G. Strozik

Impact of the method of managing opencast excavations by filling with mining waste on the quality of leachate entering the surface water
S. Rzepecki, A. Grodzicka & K. Moraczewska-Majkut

Properties cemented backfill prepared on the basis selected coal combustion products (CCPs)
P. Pierzyna

Impact involving the sealing degree of caving goaf with fine-fraction hydraulic mixtures on the ventilation parameters of longwall headings
M. Popczyk & D. Musioł

Case studies

Geomechanical analysis of the rock mass stability in the area of the "Regis" shaft in the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine
G. Dyduch, P. Jarczyk & M. Jendryś

Case study: paste plant retrofit
L. Correia, B. Cothill, P. Antunes & S. James

Review of sandfill reticulation system at northern Ontario Mine
J. Landriault, D. Dewit & J. Yamine

Paste-waste design and implementation at Newmont Goldcorp’s Tanami Operation
R.L. Veenstra & J.J. Grobler

Summary of improvements to the backfill system at DBS Operations
A. Zajac & R.L. Veenstra

Case study – design and implementation of a high density cemented hydraulic fill system at Oz Mineral’s Prominent Hill Mine
M. Helinski & J. Shaw

Green mining – use of hydraulic backfill in the Velenje coal mine
J. Kortnik

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Professor Ferri Hassani obtained his B. Eng. (1975) and PhD (1981) in Mining Engineering from Nottingham University, England. He has been at McGill University since 1983 and many years in a leadership role. He is presently the Webster Chair Professor of Mining Engineering. His focus has been in Rock Mechanics, mining innovation, as well as Mine Backfill. He has been advisor to number of governments on the mining issues and consultant to many major mining companies around the globe as well as recipient of many d awards. He has supervised approximately 170 HQPs. He has chaired many international conferences such as Mine Backfill in 1989 and 2007, the World Mining Congress 2013 as well as the International society of Rock Mechanics Congress in 2015. He has several patents worldwide. He was awarded CIM rock mechanics award, the Fellow of the CIM and Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy distinguish service Medal for service to the CIM and Mining industry. He was awarded the honorary Ambassador of Montreal by the provincial Ministry. He is the chairman of the international minefill council.
Jan Palarski is Emeritus Professor of Mining Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland and is one of the world’s foremost scientific authorities on backfill and underground mining technologies. He has about 50 years experience in mining, environmental engineering and unconventional mining technologies. Prof. Palarski received his MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Mining Engineering at the Technical University of Silesia and Dr hab. at the Technical University (RWTH) in Aachen, Germany. Professor Palarski's research interests include underground mining methods with backfill, underground carbon dioxide sequestration, environmental impact assessment in mining regions, geotechnical practice for underground waste disposal and planning for mine closure and rehabilitation. He has published several books and is also the author or co-author of about 250 papers, articles and research reports. J. Palarski has authored many papers on backfill and has made presentations to local, national, and international mining conferences. He is also an active consultant to the industry and has advised numerous national and international organizations in the mining and environment sector.
Prof. SUT Violetta Sokoła-Szewioła, PhD, DSc, Eng- deputy head of department at the Department of Exploration of the Silesian University of Technology. She conducts scientific and research activity, among others, in the field of issues related to the impact of underground mining activities on the rock mass and mining area, including in the conditions of conducting of mining the deposits in seismically threatened areas. She developed authors method of forecasting subsidence of terrain surface points in a short period of time, a comprehensive method of determining the parameters of the model describing subsidence of terrain over time and a method of forecasting seismic threat based on continuous observations of subsidence of the mining area. In her research, she also dealt with issues of the impact of exploitation system on the rockburst hazard. Author of about a hundred publications. Awarded many times with the awards of the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology for scientific activity. Member of the Commission for the Protection of Mining Areas of the Polish Academy of Sciences. From 2012, mining expert, in the commission operating within the structures of the European Union.
Prof. SUT Grzegorz Strozik Ph.D, D.Sc,. Eng. is a researcher and academic teacher at the Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He is the author of two books and almost 70 journal publications and conference papers. He deals with mining issues, such as backfill in mining, filling underground voids, ground surface protection, and mine closure. Prof. Strozik is active in land remediation, revitalization, and building structures' geotechnical safety in mining and post-mining regions. Prof. Strozik authored and co-authored numerous mining and geological reports for investments in mining areas, expert opinions, and projects for mines. He participated in multiple international projects to fill underground voids, underground coal gasification, hydrotransport of mixtures, and hydraulic transport of minerals from the seabed.