1st Edition

Mineral and Metal Neurotoxicology

By Masayuki Yasui, M. Anthony Verity Copyright 1996
    480 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Trace minerals and metals such as zinc, copper, and magnesium are accepted as a "natural" part of the human system. Interactions of some elements and/or disturbances in trace-metal or mineral homeostasis can, however, be toxic to the central nervous system (CNS). Mineral and Metal Neurotoxicology describes a wide range of basic and clinical issues regarding the relationship between mineral-metal interactions and neurological disorders. The most current information and latest advancements in neurotoxicology and environmental science are presented by experts from around the world.
    Part I addresses general aspects of minerals and metals and covers environmental aspects and research techniques. Part II describes specific minerals and metals related to experimental and clinical neurological disorders. The roles of metals and minerals in specific disorders and diseases are discussed in detail, including Alzheimer's disease and aluminum, mercury-related neurological syndromes and disorders, manganese-induced Parkinsonism, and many other CNS disorders.

    Introduction and Background
    Man, Metals, and Minerals, J.H. Menkes
    Environmental Aspects
    Neurotoxic Metals in the Environment: Some General Aspects, T.P. Flaten
    Effects of Acid Rain: A Natural Model of Aluminum Toxicity in Fish, R.M. Garruto, T.P. Flaten, and I. Wakayama
    Cellular Aspects of Aluminum Toxicity in Plants, A.R. Haug and V. Vitorello
    Recent Concept of Minerals/Metals Research
    Determination of Trace Elements in Biological Samples - Neutron Activation Analysis, Z.B. Alfassi and M. Yasui
    Axonal Transport of Neurotoxic Metals, B. Arvidson
    Chemistry of Aluminum in the CNS, R.B. Martin
    The Metabolism and Toxicokinetics of Aluminum Relevant to Neurotoxicology, R.A. Yokel
    Aluminum: On Both Sides of the Blood-Brain Barrier, R. Deloncle and N. Pages
    Modeling of Acute and Chronic Aluminum Neurotoxicity, M.J. Strong
    Motor Neuron Disease, M.J. Strong and R.M. Garruto
    Alzheimer's Disease and Aluminum, W.J. Lukiw
    Dialysis Encephalopathy, A.C. Alfrey
    Role of Zinc in the CNS, M. Yasui, K. Ota, and V.A. Murphy
    Zinc-Toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease: An Emerging Hypothesis, J. Constantinidis
    Pathogenesis of Methyl Mercury Neurotoxicity, M.A. Verity
    Mercury-Related Neurological Syndromes and Disorders, L.W. Chang
    Neurotoxicity of Methylmercury: Minamata and the Amazon, M. Harada
    Minimata Disease in Niigata: Epidemiology and Legal-Social Issues, K. Kondo
    Mechanisms of Action on Nervous System in Magnesium Deficiency and Dementia, J. Durlach and P. Bac
    Regulation of Cell Minerals and its Therapeutic Use, M. Bara
    Magnesium-Related Neurological Disorders, M. Yasui, K. Ota, and V.A. Murphy
    Cadmium: Acute and Chronic Neurological Disorders, V.A. Murphy
    Interactions Between Lead and Metals in Cellular Toxicity, T.J.B. Simons
    Molecular Interactions Between Lead and Magnesium Ions, D. Srivastava and D.A. Fox
    Inorganic Lead, Neurotransmitters, and Neuropeptides, N. Pages and R. Deloncle
    Epidemiologic Approaches to Characterizing the Developmental Neurotoxicity of Lead, D.C. Bellinger
    Efforts to Reduce Lead Exposure in the United States, J.M. Davis, R.W. Elias, and L.D. Grant
    Relationships Between Manganese and Other Minerals, J.C.K. Lai, A.W.K. Chan, M.J. Minski, and L. Lim
    Manganese Dynamics in Brain Mitochondria, C.E. Gavin and T.E. Gunter
    Implications of Manganese in Disease, Especially CNS Disorders, E. Heilbronn and H. Eriksson
    Manganese-Induced Parkinsonism, E.C. Wolters
    The Involvement of Intracellular Calcium in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, M.I. Hasham and C. Krieger
    Spinal Canal Stenosis Secondary to Calcium Crystal Deposition Disease: Relationship Between Neurologic Symptoms and Locations of Crystal Deposition, M. Yoshida, T. Tamaki, and Y. Taniguchi
    Epilepsy, Calcium, and Minerals, E.J. Waterhouse and R.J. DeLorenzo
    A Possible Role of Calcium on Neurotransmitters and Biogenic Amines in CNS, K. Ota
    Alterations in Iron in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Implications and Possible Therapeutic Agents, D.T. Dexter and P. Jenner
    Lamma Studies of Iron, Oxidative Stress, and Neuroprotective Strategies in Parkinson's Disease, P.F. Good, C.W. Olanow, and D.P. Perl
    Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutases in Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Tyrosine Nitration Catalysis as a Possible Mutational Gain in Function, J.B. Sampson, J.P. Crow, M.J. Strong, and J.S. Beckman
    The Role of Ceruloplasmin for Iron and Copper Metabolism in CNS Disorders, H. Morita and N. Yanagisawa
    Treatment of Wilson's Disease and Metal Metabolic Interactions, G.J. Brewer
    Neuropsychological Characteristics in Wilson's Disease, H. Hefter
    Copper Localization in the CNS of Wilson's Disease, M. Yasui and K. Ota
    Menkes' Kinky Hair Disease, T. Yamano and M. Shimada