1st Edition

Mini-set C: Family & Kinship

    2012 Pages
    by Routledge

    Kinship is a fundamental part of the study and practice of social anthropology and this set includes works by some of the most important authors in the field: J.A. Barnes, Meyer Fortes, Jack Goody, and Rodney Needham. Their volumes re-appraise the work of other well-known anthropologists such as Levi-Strauss and Lewis Henry Morgan and examine theories of kinship from Africa, Europe and the USA.

    J.A. Barnes Three Styles in the Study of Kinship, 1971 Hb: 0-415-33008-4 Meyer Fortes Kinship and the Social Order, 1970 Hb: 0-415-33009-2 Jack Goody Comparative Studies in Kinship, 1969 Hb: 0-415-33010-6 Francis Korn Elementary Structures Reconsidered. 1973 Hb: 0-415-33011-4 Rodney Needham Remarks and Inventions: Skeptical Essays about Kinship1971 Hb: 0-415-33012-2 W.M. Williams A West Country Village Ashworthy, 1963 Hb: 0-415-33014-9