1st Edition

Mining in the Arctic

Edited By A.J. Keen, John E. Udd Copyright 1999

    Topics in this international symposium on mining in the arctic included arctic mining in Raglan; analysis and prediction of water infiltration in underground, frozen placer mines; red dog mine-operations update and design of paste tailings disposal in the Russian Sub-Arctic.

    Foreword -- Session Chair -- International Arctic Mining Advisory Council -- Environmental impact of mining in the Arctic -- Environmental regulation of mineral exploration in Greenland /P. Aastrup & C. M. Glahder -- Reactivity of covered sulfidic waste near Maarmorilik in West Greenland /B. Elberling, G. Asmund, T. Balic-Zunic, T. Rohwerder & W. Sand -- Mining in environmentally sensitive areas - the decision maker's dilemma /C. Norman -- MINEO. Use of hyperspectral data for monitoring pollution from the lead-zinc mine, Mestersvig, in Northeast Greenland /P. Aastrup, MP. Tamstorf & T. Tukiainen -- Pollution from mining in Greenland - a review /P. Johansen & G. Asmund -- Control strategies for acid mine drainage in Arctic regions /B. Elberling -- Mineral exploration and exploitation -- Mining concept for the Citronen Fjord zink deposit, NE Greenland /E. O. Andersen -- Production to begin in 2001 at Svea North, Svalbard /R. Hermansen -- Challenges to exploration in Greenland's High Arctic plains and plateaus /S. M. Jensen & L. Thorning -- Geologic setting of the Meadowbank iron formation-hosted gold deposits /R. L. Sherlock, R. B. Alexander, R. March, J. Kellner & W. A. Barclay -- Government administration and legislation related to mining -- Dealing with failure of Royal Oak Mines in the Northwest Territories /R. W. Lauer, D. E. Nutter & N. A. Thompson -- Non-geological issues, pertaining to prospect evaluations /A. Orheim & S. E. Sorstmm -- Decommissioning shallow mine workings in permafrost terrains /M. C. Betournay, J. E. Udd -- Mining engineering and mine design in permafrost regions -- Analysis of thermal regime of a deep mine airway in permafrost /S. Bandopadhyay, H. Wu, M. G. Nelson & V. U. Izaxon -- Tailings deposition and dike construction at Nanisivik Mine, Nunavut /J. W. Cassie & K. G. LeDrew -- Foundation of the tower head frame on the ’’Intemationalny” diamond pit /V. U. Izaxon -- Engineering control of mine thermal regime around a mine airway in permafrost /S. Bandopadhyay, H. Wu, M. G. Nelson & V. U. Izaxon -- Ground control monitoring at the Nanisivik Mine /N. L. Lecuyer -- Access road across H0ganes glacier to the new Svea mine, Svalbard /P. O. Morken -- Waste disposal at the Apatit mining company's phosphate operations, Kola Peninsula, Russia /N. N. Melnikov, E. B. Krasnoselskiy & S. P. Reshetnyak -- Centrifuge physical modelling of frozen backfill /E. De Souza & A. P. Dirige -- Ground control and mining in permafrost (Including a bibliography) /J. E. Udd & M. C. Betournay -- Author index.


    A.J. Keen (Edited by) , John E. Udd (Edited by)