1st Edition

Ministry in the Spiritual and Cultural Diversity of Health Care Increasing the Competency of Chaplains

Edited By Robert Anderson Copyright 2004
    96 Pages
    by Routledge

    94 Pages
    by Routledge

    Stay up-to-date in health care ministry as cultural and spiritual heterogeneity increases!

    Ministry in the Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Health Care: Increasing the Competency of Chaplains identifies concrete methods for improving the provision of pastoral care to culturally and religiously diverse patients and/or residents. Experts from both inside and outside the profession—with established records in cross-cultural work and experience with religious diversity—discuss in detail the multicultural revolution that has challenged the traditional health care delivery system. With this timely resource, you will be able to respond to the requests and desires of patients and their loved ones with compassion and consideration for their cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

    Ministry in the Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Health Care explores the challenges for the spiritual care professional in health care to address the emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs of a patient without assumption, bias, or discomfort for either person. In addition to advice, recommendations, and real-world examples and case studies, this valuable resource provides a guide for chaplaincy supervisors to use when training chaplain students to impart such unprejudiced care. The book is devoted to establishing chaplains who are clinically trained and certified to contribute to the increasingly pluralistic and global health care context with assorted religious, spiritual, and cultural values, beliefs, and practices.

    Ministry in the Spiritual and Cultural Diversity in Health Care will keep you updated on:

    • how a health care chaplain can overlook the differing worldview of a patient and his or her family
    • how cultural diversity impacts the work of the health care chaplain
    • specific strategies and tools that will assist chaplains in acquiring spiritual and cultural competency
    • definitions, obstacles, and standards of care for fostering a genuine multicultural perspective among health care givers, particularly chaplains
    • how professional health care chaplains take leadership in responding to cultural and spiritual diversity within health care environments

    • The Search for Spiritual/Cultural Competency in Chaplaincy Practice: Five Steps that Mark the Path (Robert G. Anderson)
    • Cultural Diversity in Pastoral Care (Mary A. Fukuyama and Todd D. Sevig)
    • Responses to: Anderson, Fukuyama, and Sevig
    • Toward Multicultural Competencies for Pastoral/Spiritual Care Providers in Clinical Settings: Response Anderson, Fukuyama, and Sevig (K. Samuel Lee)
    • Forging Spiritual and Cultural Competency in Spiritual Care-Givers: A Response to Fukuyama and Sevig, and Anderson (Marsha Wiggins Frame)
    • Definitions, Obstacles, and Standards of Care for the Integration of Spiritual and Cultural Competency Within Health Care Chaplaincy (Stephen W. Cook)
    • The Chaplain’s Path in Cultural and Spiritual Sensitivity: A Response to Anderson, Fukuyama, and Sevig (Susan Koehne Wintz)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Robert Anderson