1st Edition

Miscellaneous Short Poetry, 1641–1700 Printed Writings 1641–1700: Series II, Part Three, Volume 4

By Robert C. Evans Copyright 2006

    This volume reproduces twenty short texts written by named and unnamed women in the years 1641-1700. These texts, selected and introduced by various hands, are grouped in thematic clusters for the reader's ease - poetry on religion, on politics, on society, on domestic/social affairs and on mourning. The poems are arranged chronologically within each cluster. The volume closes with Anne Wentworth's pamphlet England's Spiritual Pill.

    Contents: Preface by the General Editors; Introductory Notes; Poetry on Religion by Anne Wentworth, Elizabeth Rone, Mary Wells and Elizabeth Tipper; Poetry on Politics by Rachel Jevon, Mrs A. M, Young Lady; Poetry on Society by Mrs A. K. and Lady of Honour; Poetry on Domestic/Social Affairs by Elizabeth With, Young Lady and Mary Evelyn; Poetry on Mourning by Miss Pretty (Elizabeth Collett), Young Lady of Quality, Young Lady and Gentlewoman of Quality, Appendix, Anne Wentworth's 'England's Spiritual Pill'.


    Robert C. Evans is Distinguished Teaching and Research Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy at Auburn University, Montgomery, USA.

    'This fascinating collection of poetry as it originally appeared in print includes works on religion, politics, domestic and social affairs and mourning by Elizabeth Collett, Mary Evelyn, Rachel Jevon, Elizabeth Rone, May Wells, Elizabeth Tipper, Anne Wentworth, Elizabeth With, and a number of otherwise anonymous young ladies and gentlewomen. Wells offers a divine poem to substitute for profane songs among the impressionable young, Jevon exults upon the return of Charles II, Wentworth reveals a direct revelation to her by Jesus, and Rone reproofs churchmen who refused to read their king's "most gracious declaration." Nary a frail flower exists amongst them; they are proof that even when confined to the topics above, women could always write'. Reference & Research Book News