1st Edition

Mitigating Land Degradation and Improving Livelihoods
An Integrated Watershed Approach

Edited By

Feras Ziadat

ISBN 9780367173241
Published January 23, 2019 by Routledge
235 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

The research presented in this book demonstrates how an integrated ‘systems’ approach to farming in the watershed context increases the effectiveness of a production system and improves people’s livelihoods. It takes an integrated approach, using one watershed in Ethiopia as a ‘laboratory’ or model case study to focus on the interaction and interdependence between land, water, crops, soil, water harvesting, supplemental irrigation, forestry, socio-economic aspects, livestock and farm tools. 

A range of linked studies was conducted with active participation of the farming community and other relevant stakeholders, such as the local offices of agriculture and extension services. The starting point for the work was the premise that previous efforts to solve farming system constraints using a piecemeal approach or discipline-specific focus have not been successful. Thus, addressing agricultural and environmental constraints through a holistic approach enables the generation of comprehensive technologies to sustainably improve the natural resource base and livelihoods of communities. The authors discuss trade-offs and resource allocation, demonstrating how the environment can be protected while also improving productivity. 

A unique feature is the methodology developed for the selection of suitable fields and farmers to implement new approaches or improved technologies, to achieve production increases while reducing degradation of sensitive agro-ecosystems. It is also shown how the watershed scale is a valuable basis for assessing the protection of fragile lands.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 

Feras Ziadat, Wondimu Bayu, Michael Devlin, Rolf Sommer and Theib Oweis 

Part 1: Combating Land Degradation, Water Harvesting and Supplemental Irrigation 

2. Selection and Socio-economic and Biophysical Characterization of the Gumara-Maksegnit Watershed Research site, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia 

Wondimu Bayu, Feras Ziadat, Birru Yitaferu, Theib Oweis, Andreas Klik, Hailu Kendie, Fawzi Karajeh, Yonas Worku and Rolf Sommer 

3. Socio-economic Characterization of the Gumara-Maksegnit Watershed 

Yonas Worku, Teferi Alem, Solomon Abegaze, Hailu Kendie, Ambachew Getenet and Yigezu Yigezu 

4. Predicting Soil Attributes for Environmental Modeling 

Nurhussen M.N. Seid, Birru Yitaferu, Feras Ziadat, Andreas Klik and Wondimu Bayu 

5. Assessment of Forest Cover Change and its Environmental Impacts using Multi-temporal and Multi-spectral Satellite Images 

Kibruyesfa Sisay, Birru Yitaferu, Efrem Garedew and Feras Ziadat 

6. Crop type Identification using Multi-temporal and Multi-spectral Satellite Images 

Kibruyesfa Sisay and Feras Ziadat 

7. Assessment of Current Land Use and Potential Soil and Water Conservation Measures on Surface Runoff and Sediment Yield 

Andreas Klik, Hailu Kendie, Stefan Strohmeier, Georg Schuster, Hans-Peter Nachtnebel and Feras Ziadat 

8. Monitoring of Surface Runoff and Soil Erosion Processes 

Andreas Klik, Stefan Strohmeier, Christoph Schuerz, Claire Brenner, Ingrid Zehetbauer, Florian Kluibenschaedl, Georg Schuster, Wondimu Bayu and Feras Ziadat 

9. Demonstration and Evaluation of Water Harvesting and Supplementary Irrigation to Improve Agricultural Productivity 

Ertiban Wondifraw and Hanibal Lemma 

Part 2: Improving Land Productivity 

10. Performance Evaluation of Bread Wheat Varieties 

Melle Tilahun and Wondimu Bayu 

11. Chickpea Participatory Variety Selection for the Vertisol of the Watershed 

Tewodros Tesfaye, Getachew Tilahun and Kibrsew Mulat 

12. Participatory Variety Selection on Improved Food Barley Varieties 

Teferi Alem, Wondimu Bayu and Melle Tilahun 

13. Demonstration and Promotion of Improved Food Barley, Bread Wheat, and Faba Bean Technologies 

Andualem Tadesse and Wondimu Bayu

14. Effect of Compost and Chemical Fertilizer on Wheat Production and Soil Properties 

Nigus Demelash, Sitot Tesfaye, Wondimu Bayu, Rolf Sommer, Debra Turner 

15. On-farm Evaluation and Demonstration of Animal Drawn Moldboard and Gavin Plows 

Worku Biweta, Awole Muhabaw, Rolf Sommer 

16. Participatory Evaluation of Mobile Tree Nursery 

Abate Tsegaye, Elias Cherenet, Hadera Kahesay

Part 3: Livestock and Forage Improvement 

17. Characterization of Goat Population and Breeding Practices of Goat Owners 

Surafel Melaku, Alayu Kidane, Aynalem Haile 

18. Adaptability of Vetch (Vicia spp.

Alemu Tarekegn, Tikunesh Zelalem and Aynalem Haile

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Feras Ziadat is Soil Management and Partnership Officer in the Land and Water Division (NRL) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, Italy. Previously he was a Senior Scientist at the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). 

Wondimu Bayu is the 'Watershed Research' National Project Coordinator in the Integrated Water and Land Management Program (IWLMP) at ICARDA, based in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.